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Securing your businesses’ digital transformation

Securing your businesses’ digital transformation

By Andy Wilson, UK Site Lead, Dropbox & HelloSign

Even the most secure safe in the world only works if the user closes the door and remembers the combination, likewise for cybersecurity. A business could employ the highest-grade cybersecurity system for protection, but for a secure system to work, it needs secure users.

Every business has a breadth of personal and sensitive documents that must be protected and stored in ways specified by law. Having straightforward, yet robust solutions that fit into your current processes is vital to keeping your business safe. The simpler, the better. The less your employees need to change their behaviour, the more likely the solution will succeed.

Securing the best experience for your customers

We all intend to give our customers and clients the best possible experience. We want them to feel that their needs and information are safe in our hands. There isn’t a more awkward customer conversation than one that involves a security breach or stolen documents, yet a huge 94% of organisations worldwide have suffered a data breach in the last 12 months, according Carbon Black.

With 41% of consumers claiming that they will never return to a business post-breach, according to PCI Pal Global Research, it’s never been more important to ensure that your business is doing everything it can to avoid preventable security concerns.

Documents signed by eSignatures keep users on a single, secure platform, avoiding stray copies being left on hard drives and email chains. The security of information that is sensitive to your business and its customers, cannot be left to chance.

That’s why eSignatures are one of the growing number of digital tools that can help keep this data secure, no matter how confidential it may be.

Data that needs extra security

There are several types of electronic signatures that offer different levels of technical complexity and security, with the qualified electronic signature (QES) being the most advanced. QES have defined regulatory constraints regarding how the identity of the signer is verified and how the signature key is protected. It’s the only digital equivalent to that of a hand-written signature.

eSignature solutions with QES are more secure, compliant, trustworthy, and as legally binding as a pen and paper. Leveraging this level of eSignature enables businesses to work with more companies, creating room for growth overseas for instance. This is especially important in the current climate we’re living in as remote working remains to be the main experience for many, and travelling overseas has never been harder.

eSignatures enable business agreements to be executed without restriction from borders or the need to meet face-to-face. This is thanks to face identity verification provided by the likes of IDnow and digital certification from the Trust Service Provider (TSP) on the European Trusted List (EUTL) Namirial. QES delivers the highest standard of legally binding eSignatures.

Continuing the digital transformation

The pandemic has rapidly accelerated digital transformation across industries. As businesses continue their digital growth, it’s important they keep the customer experience at the centre of all decisions while serving that interest through technology.

Companies now have a great opportunity to revolutionise a key part of their business – signing documents. eSignatures, and especially QES remove the burden by making the process user-friendly, fast and secure.

Today, we need secure solutions that can seamlessly integrate into businesses’ existing frameworks, so that employees, and customers, can easily adopt them and strengthen the organisation’s defences in the process. By investing in these tools, businesses can equip themselves with fool proof safes that are easy for employees to close, and difficult for hackers to open.

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