To take advantage of the trends of cross-strait financial deregulation and enhance the competitive advantage of financial operations in the Taiwan-China-Hong Kong area, The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. (SCSB) has formed a strategic alliance with Bank of Shanghai in China and the Shanghai Commercial Bank in Hong Kong since 2000 in areas of businesses including remittance, foreign exchange, trade finance and syndicated loans. SCSB also works closely with these banks on employee development, mutual corporate image, and partnership in credit card and wealth management services.

The 3 banks complement one another in operations through a close-knit cooperation. With a shared corporate image, same uniform and networks worldwide, the 3 banks have built an optimal financial service platform spanning the Taiwan-China-Hong Kong area. Currently, the 3 banks have about 400 service locations worldwide, with about 13,000 employees and US$ 160 billion in total assets. SCSB has always enjoyed an advantage in foreign exchange and cross-strait finance. It will make further use of the service platform built on the “3 Shanghai Banks” strategic alliance to provide differentiated and distinguished financial service to superior customers worldwide.

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