Scope announces Huebner as Head of Communications

The leading European rating agency Scope has appointed Susanna Huebner as Head of Communications. With 200 employees across offices in Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Oslo and Paris, Scope’s aim is to become the European alternative to the US agencies.

As Head of Communications for the Scope Group, the economist will be responsible for the communications of four fully-owned operating companies based in Berlin. The Scope Group provides credit ratings, fund analysis as well as bespoke solutions for the assessment and monitoring of risk. Huebner will report to CEO and founder Florian Schoeller.

In the coming years Scope intends to become an attractive and relevant European alternative to the US agency global rating oligopoly – in the spirit of Wolfgang Schäuble, long-standing German Minister of Finance. Scope is responding to greater growth potential on the market with restructuring as part of its expansion strategy.

Susanna Huebner
Susanna Huebner

Huebner, who is an expert in the communication of complex subject matter, does not come to the position unprepared. Before joining Scope, her achievements included the establishment of digital communication channels for the Market Economy Foundation (Stiftung Marktwirtschaft) and its scientific council, the Kronberger Kreis, combining science, economics and politics. Huebner provided the think tank with a means to voice its market-oriented solutions to crucial challenges in German and European economic policy, often leading to indispensable reforms. She has a PhD in Economics as well as a dual degree in Economics and Media Management and will also contribute several years of expertise as an analyst on the Executive Board of a medium-sized bank.

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