Opportunities boom as Saudi Arabia opens its doors to foreign investment to reach Vision 2030

As we progress further into 2018, the world is watching Saudi Arabia.

With the largest economy in the Arab world, Saudi Arabia is seeking to diversify its oil dependent economy and become a leading global investment hub in line with its Vision 2030.

The recently reformed structural frameworks and governance strategies now allow foreign investment into the country, meaning opportunity is rife for international investors, both private and institutional. The Kingdom is positioning itself as a leading force of innovation and ambition and its strengths continue to grow across key industries from healthcare to infrastructure, renewable energy to tourism and real estate to technology.

Saudi Arabia is propelling foreign direct investment opportunities at an exponential rate, regularly announcing new impressive plans for the country’s redirection and reformation. Most notably recently, announcing a $64 billion plan to invest in the entertainment industry and $500 billion to build a new mega city on the red sea coast, pioneering the ‘new generation of cities’.

Five economic and investment trends to watch:

  • Launch of the Aramco IPO
  • Extended foreign investment licenses from one year to five
  • Sustainability, renewables and ESG investing
  • The transforming role of women
  • Preparing portfolios for the future and looking to the market opportunities available to meet the demand of the under 30s

This year, running alongside the Middle East Investment Summit 2018, the Saudi Investment Forum will explore in greater detail the investment opportunities and assets classes in the fast-paced, growing market. Bringing together an exclusive audience of regional and global investors, as well as representatives some of Saudi Arabia’s biggest companies.

Confirmed speakers include:

Martin Botha, Director of Risk Management, Public Investment Fund, Saudi Arabia (SWF)

Nicola Bettio, Managing Director, KAUST Innovation Fund, Saudi Arabia (Endowment)

Hatem Samman, CSO, General Entertainment Authority, Saudi Arabia (Government)

Tom Tull, Chief Investment Officer, Employees Retirement System of Texas, USA (Pension Fund)

Nadia Bakhurji, Investor, Mashael Capital& Board Member, Arab International Women’s Forum, Saudi Arabia (Family Office)

Nabil Nazer, Chief Investment Officer, Al Sulaiman Group, Saudi Arabia (Family Office)

The Saudi Investment Forum, will take place on 9 May 2018 at the Ritz Carlton, DIFC, Dubai. Hosting investment professionals from around the globe to explore investing in this emerging, untouched market.

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