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RF Code Logo

Company Name: RF Code

Company Site:

Nature of Business:

RF Code enables the world's leading financial organisations and enterprises to better manage their critical IT assets, monitor the environmental conditions that surround them and help ensure data centre optimisation for corporate sustainability.

By leveraging RF Code's active RFID technology, businesses are able to utilize a wire-free, real-time, low cost and secure solution to automate asset management and environmental monitoring processes.

Providing the precise, accurate and actionable information about the location, status and state of physical assets, RF Code's technology ensures accurate, real-time asset-related data for improved strategic decision-making.

Locations/also markets it operates in: RF Code is headquartered in Austin, TX, with offices and partners in the UK, EMEA, Australia, Asia and South America.

Contact Information:

9229 Waterford Centre Blvd
Suite 500
Austin, TX 78758
Tel: +1 (512) 439 2200
Email: [email protected]

Key Executives:

  • Mitch Medford, CEO
  • Carol Ray, CFO
  • Chris Gaskins, Vice President of Product Development
  • Chad Riseling, Vice President of Worldwide Sales
  • Richard Jenkins, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships

About RF Code:

RF Code is the world's fastest growing, leading provider of distributed IT environmental monitoring and asset management solutions. Its patented tracking and sensor technologies are deployed by many of the Fortune 250 and help manage the global data centres of some of the largest IT service providers. RF Code is an essential component of the asset management, risk and compliance assurance and automated control systems in healthcare, IT Services, industrial supply chains and natural resources/oil & gas industries. RF Code is a privately held company whose investors include QuestMark Partners and Intel Capital.

Data Centre

Data Centre


  • Asset Management – Real-time asset management solutions provide a fully automated, inventory data feed for operational, IT and financial optimisation, as well as ensuring cost-effective asset accuracy for audit accountability
  • Environmental Monitoring – Industry leading real-time wire-free sensors, software, and metrics that enable real-time, granular monitoring needed to perfect the environments around IT equipment, while also ensuring that the IT data centres meet operational guidelines
  • Power Monitoring – Real-time power usage reporting enables proactive power management, capacity planning and optimisation for the creation of a fiscally smart, cost conscious facility


  • Asset Tags – RF Code asset tags feature encoded radio transmissions, low power consumption for long battery life and reduced maintenance costs. The general purpose tags can be used on any asset such as tracking laptops, high-density rack and data centre deployments and tracking and monitoring personnel
  • Sensors – Ideal for monitoring in real time the environmental conditions in IT dense areas. Devices include door tags for monitoring and reporting door status, dry contact tags for monitoring and reporting the open and closed states of dry contact-based devices, temperature and temperature/humidity tags, fluid sensor tags for real-time leak and fluid detection, and PDU tags for power consumption and utilisation monitoring
  • Software – RF Code's Asset Manager and Sensor Manager software provides complete real-time asset management and environmental monitoring. Each product works in conjunction with RF Code's tags and readers, providing up-to-the minute information about asset locations, movement, security and environmental status, without requiring any manual labour to gather this information
  • Readers & RTLS Devices – Readers provide real-time environmental data and location precision for all tagged assets
  • Distributed Network Closets – Easy to deploy wire-free temperature, humidity, leak detection, and door entry sensors and readers specifically designed for use in small, congested or remote spaces


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