Revere Healthcare Solutions Inc. Partners with Ford County, KS

Revere Healthcare Solutions Inc. (RHS) manages onsite and near-site clinics, where it delivers an employer-sponsored, direct and integrated primary and preventive healthcare program.

RHS is announcing a new partnership with Ford County, KS to establish a new clinic in Dodge City, KS to deliver RHS comprehensive primary and preventive healthcare program to the Countys employees and their family members.

The new clinic will be the third one managed by RHS in the state of Kansas, together with the Grow Well clinic in Garden City, KS and the Cowley Health WoRX clinic in Arkansas City, KS.

RHS is honored to have been selected by a leading employer in the state of Kansas such as Ford County to establish another partnership in a community with such a rich history as Dodge City, KS. As in Garden City, KS and Arkansas City, KS where RHS has partnered respectively with the local municipality and with the local hospital, RHS objective is to enhance access to quality and affordable primary and preventive healthcare, in co-ordination with local, established providers. It is RHS firm conviction that primary and preventive healthcare should always be purchased directly, outside the traditional, claims-based fee-for-service healthcare market, which is suited for more expensive forms of healthcare, but tends to make primary and preventive healthcare less convenient than it should be. It is in fact intuitive that, while insurance is critical to providing risk diversification in the semi-catastrophic and catastrophic portions of the medical claims distribution, it only adds costs in the lower end of the distribution curve, depressing or repressing utilization of prevention care, the simplest but most effective form of healthcare. When employers purchase directly, on behalf of their employees, primary and preventive healthcare, they have a much higher chance of achieving the objective of enhancing access to healthcare, while reducing the all-in cost of their healthcare benefits, commented Mr. Carmine Di Palo, Chief Executive Officer of RHS Inc.

While RHS has been focused on employer-sponsored direct primary and preventive healthcare in the state of Kansas, its disciplined operational framework, its intellectual property, and its proprietary analytical platform make the RHS program a proven solution for the wider problem of rising healthcare costs and decreasing access to primary and preventive healthcare: a problem that is common across most states and payers.


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RHS focus is on partnering with employers to correct a self-reinforcing vicious loop in healthcare: high healthcare costs translate into higher out-of-pockets, and underutilization of preventive healthcare, which in turn results into delayed detection and, again, into higher healthcare costs. And worse health. The RHS model brings administrative costs down to almost zero: it allows for longer visits with our providers (who are not rewarded for productivity) and for the elimination of out-of-pockets. RHS visits slots are, by design, thirty-minutes long. Our providers have the time to listen to the patient. And the time to educate the patient whether about issues related to changes of lifestyle or about navigating the downstream medicine world through referrals. No out-of-pockets represent a significant incentive for individuals to take care of themselves at RHS clinics when they are healthy or as soon as they perceive any symptom. RHS healthcare model has a long track record in enabling the simplification of healthcare and therefore the re-allocation of financial and operational resources from administration to the delivery of quality healthcare: our data, studies, and research show that such approach has the potential to modify the trajectory of healthcare, and that it could and should be expanded across the payers mix, including Medicaid, concluded Mr. Di Palo.

About Revere Healthcare Solutions, Inc. “ RHS Inc. ( provides an intelligent solution for increasing healthcare costs and decreasing access to affordable and convenient primary and preventive healthcare. Our solution? Simplicity.