Renowned Advisor Teresa Kuhn Finds Hope and Security – For Herself and Her Clients – in Bank On Yourself

Disillusioned By Hard Truths about Wall Street and Securities, the President/CEO of Living Wealthy Financial Group Uses the Revolutionary System to Help Hundreds of Clients

Teresa Kuhn finds it fascinating how the use of certain words in business can fool people. The renowned financial advisor – now President/CEO of Austin, TX based Living Wealthy Financial Group — had worked in the Securities Industry while pursuing her degree in finance at the University of Miami. Teresa soon found that she did not feel comfortable working with products that could cause her clients to lose their savings overnight. Despite their name, securities are not secure investments and can be negatively impacted by fluctuations on Wall Street, real estate, and the economy.

She returned to the financial world in the mid-90s working for a large real estate developer, after several years as a personal injury attorney. She started investigating, and came to realize that everything she had been taught in business school and law school about how money and the law really works was, in her words, a “big fat lie.”

Reading G. Edward Griffin’s groundbreaking 1998 book “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” opened her eyes to who really controls the money supply in the U.S. She learned that “Securities” was just a clever name for investments that offered no security at all.

Kuhn also came to believe that Wall Street and banks have brainwashed people into believing that they have no choice except to expose their money to risk in order to prosper. “Wall Street has spent billions programming us that they’re the only solution to retirement planning,” she says.

Knowing that she needed a new path that was congruent with how she knew money really worked, she continued working with real estate and other safe money strategies before discovering the power of Bank On Yourself, the tried and tested money management system, branded by Pamela Yellen that has led thousands of people to safeguard their finances and build wealth. This system has been proven for more than 160 years and used by hundreds of thousands of people.

With hallmarks that include true financial stability (i.e., real security for the investor) and increased cash flow and access to it, Bank On Yourself is an innovative, non-traditional approach to money management that, by creating financial security in uncertain times, has led thousands of people – including Kuhn herself – to safeguard their finances and build wealth.

Renowned Advisor Teresa Kuhn Finds Hope and Security – For Herself and Her Clients – in Bank On Yourself 1Since Kuhn started her first Bank On Yourself policy in 2005, she has, via her firm Living Wealthy Financial Group, helped hundreds of individuals, families and business people protect their loved ones and grow their wealth without risk or worry, reduce their taxes and achieve their dreams of financial security. She is one of only 200 financial advisors in the U.S. who have successfully completed the rigorous training program and continuing education required to become a Bank On Yourself Authorized Advisor – and is currently one of the system’s top advisors in the country. At the present time, she and her husband David have eight Bank On Yourself policies.

In 2013, she co-authored (with Yellen) the bestselling book “The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security,” which includes chapters by other industry mavericks who are changing the world’s views on finances. Kuhn also shares her expertise over the local airwaves, hosting Living Wealthy Radio, a financial fitness and life-style program on Austin’s talk radio 1370 AM KJCE from Noon to 1 p.m. on Sundays. She also teaches seminars and has created various webinars to educate prospective clientele about Bank On Yourself and the nuts and bolts of investing in dividend paying whole life insurance.

Kuhn says her main goal with her Bank On Yourself clients is that their financial foundation be rock solid so they can sleep well at night – and should they die prematurely, there would be money left behind for their family and loved ones. Because of the many nuances and complexities of the Bank on Yourself system, she suggests that prospective clients do some reading and research on it before they meet with her. As part of her investment in solid prospects, she is happy to send potential clients books and CDs with information about Bank On Yourself.

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