The often fragmented nature of running a successful business today is certainly a challenge, especially when an enterprise has grown to include a number of different divisions and focuses – how can service and output be consistently guaranteed throughout all of these services?


Although this falls into a number of core areas where business efficiencies can be made – back office administration, recruitment process and consolidation to name a few – the role that optimising the way company vehicles managed is often overlooked. Incorporating vehicle tracking into contingency and efficiency plans at the start of the New Year is, therefore, an easy way to get ahead of the competition by taking the time to consider safety and efficiency needs alongside all the other usual commitments.

The Rilmac Group is one such business, with multiple divisions covering scaffolding, fabrication and asbestos management to say the least. With fleet vehicles from each division in constant operation up and down the UK visiting clients, identifying their location and specific needs at any given time was becoming a major challenge. Steve Scawthon already knew that fitting vehicle tracking devices was a way of addressing this, but given the saturation of the market where these are concerned, was worried about jumping in feet first.

Steve ended up selecting this service from RAM Tracking – not only because of the product quality and price but because of the solid testimonial from customers that had used the provider for many years. Commenting further on this, Steve said:

“Whilst there are many other providers on the market, the user-friendliness of the system makes it a great value product that fits our needs exactly.”

The firm was able to benefit from the dashboard style interface offered by RAM Tracking in order to simultaneously look after the needs of all their drivers, and benefit from peace of mind and spontaneous nature of needing to check the specifics of anyone within the fleet. This is a huge advantage for any business, not only because of the duty of care aspect but also as a way of ensuring that clients or customers are not kept waiting.

RAM Tracking service is complimented by a comprehensive reporting facility,

Of course, the ‘at a moment’ notice aspect of the RAM Tracking service is complimented by a comprehensive reporting facility, one of the features that Steve found most beneficial. Commenting on this, Steve said:

“Providing evidence of the usefulness of the service is paramount, especially at a time when every penny needs to go further. Being able to generate insightful and detailed reports about fleet activity have therefore made life much easier where making the case for utilising the service is concerned.”

Steve is looking forward to a fantastic 2018 on the back of repeat business and increased orders, so ensuring the right tools are working hard for him in parallel, is essential!

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