Red Hat Updates Messaging, Realtime and Grid Platform

The new Enterprise MRG 2.1 features new technologies to bring benefits to financial services

Red Hat Enterprise MRG is a next-generation IT infrastructure incorporating Messaging, Realtime and Grid functionality that offers increased performance, reliability, interoperability and faster computing for enterprise customers.  In June 2011, Red Hat announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise MRG 2.0, which featured advances in performance, scalability and management.  The 2.0 update added support for the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 available at release with 6.1 and also extended the cloud readiness of the product.mrg

The MRG 2.1 includes the newest Linux kernel 3.0, bringing the latest advances in the 3.0 kernel to the platform. It also includes event-based data sampling for performance measurement, providing realtime performance data while reducing the uncertainty inherent in the act of measurement, offering a less intrusive method of performance measurement than incumbent methods. Another new functionality added to the new version of MRG is support for JBoss Enterprise SOA and Application Platforms, IPv6 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 enabling AMQP-based integration across a wider range of applications and services. In addition to messaging extended integration capabilities, it also offers messaging broker advances with the broker providing the ability to maintain sequential order of messages across distributed receivers. MRG 2.1 also integrates inventory management with configuration management tagging into the Grid management console.

Other new functionality includes SSL security mechanism for the platform’s Grid Aviary API;
High Availability (HA) for the Grid Scheduler through Red Hat Cluster Suite technology; and support for Grid Execute Node on Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC Compute Node variant.

“MICEX-RTS has built new infrastructure of its cross asset trading platform based on Red Hat Enterprise MRG, specifically with the use of the Realtime component of the platform,” said Alexander Shlyappo, managing director for technology development, MICEX-RTS.  “Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime provides determinism and on-the-fly tuning capabilities with minimum overhead.  Thanks to this the new MICEX-RTS trading platform allows clients to improve trading efficiency. Our stress testing of the system showed 15 times increase in transaction processing performance compared with legacy system and also achieved response time of less than one millisecond. We are looking forward to go further and leverage the valuable new technology features of Red Hat Enterprise MRG 2.1 and the latest Linux 3.0 kernel benefits.”mrg2
Red Hat Enterprise MRG 2.1 Realtime and Grid components are already generally available. The Enterprise MRG 2.1 Messaging component will be generally available in the coming months.

“Red Hat Enterprise MRG 2.1 brings important new features and functionality to our customers,” said Bryan Che, senior director, Product Management and Marketing at Red Hat.  “We continue to evolve the functionality of the product to optimize it for a wide variety of customer use cases ranging from deploying and scheduling in the cloud to the low-latency, high-performance needs of financial services to reliable processing for telecommunications organizations and beyond.”

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Full information about Red Hat Enterprise MRG is available on Red Hat’s website

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