About Qumu

Qumu is the leading provider of tools that help enterprises create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of both live and recorded video. Global 2000 organisations use the Qumu technology platform to make unified communications video (Skype for Business, WebEx), social business video (Jive, IBM Connections, Yammer), executive addresses, training and marketing assets available to tens of thousands of concurrent users—on premise, in the cloud, or both at the same time.

Many of the world’s largest companies leverage the Qumu platform for their video-based assets, including Visa, Lloyds Banking Group, MasterCard, KPMG, Vodafone, CVS, Aviva, Liberty Mutual, Toyota, Bayer and many more. The company has a global footprint with offices in London, Munich, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Hyderabad. 

The Qumu Technology

Qumu offers a scalable and extensible video platform that can streamline the creation, management, and delivery of videos across existing enterprise collaboration and social business tools. The Qumu platform seamlessly integrates with Skype for Business, SharePoint, Yammer, IBM Connections and WebEx, empowering any user to turn any interaction into a valuable and accessible video asset. Live streaming or on demand, the Qumu platform turns video into an always-on resource that connects thousands of employees and stakeholders across the enterprise, with a touch of a button.

In terms of configurations, the Qumu platform manages video content within a company’s firewall, outside of it, or both through a hybrid option. In the first case, video content is directly delivered to in-house users over the LAN. As for external communication, the Qumu platform takes videos streaming on public broadcast and moves them into Qumu’s firewall, so they can be communicated from a licensed environment to a large number of users. At the heart of Qumu’s high-performance video platform is a smart Content Delivery Network (CDN) device called Pathfinder which allows organisations to configure and optimise video content for their mobile users, specific departments, and various endpoints.

Also adding value to the Qumu platform are desktop-based tools and apps that come with a full spectrum of video editing capabilities. With the help of these tools, users can produce a desktop or mobile video, edit it and finally publish it through a channel to a selected audience. At the same time, Qumu also ensures secure access to videos, channels, or administrative functions while indexing all the videos to make them easily searchable.

Primary Banking and Finance Use Cases

  1. Ensuring Speed-to-Market – distributing live analyst reports, market information and key economic data in real-time.
  2. Distributing Rules and Regulations – sharing changes in compliance information and guidelines with employees and teammates as they happen.
  3. Communicating with Clients – giving brokers and account representatives the ability to create and share video messages with existing clients and new prospects.
  4. Connecting Remote Locations–providing company news and updates to distributed offices, remote employees and branch locations.
  5. Creating Weekly Video Blogs – developing professional-looking weekly newsletters and communication pieces for both clients and employees.

Gartner and Analyst Leadership

As the leading analyst firm in the Enterprise Video space, The Gartner Group has identified Qumu as a Top 3technology platform in all four of its identified Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Video Content Management, as follows:

  • #1 in Internal Executive Messaging
  • #1 in Internal Collaboration
  • #2 in Internal Training
  • #3 in External Video for Sales

In addition to the above, the Qumu platform currently scores a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Gartner’s Peer Insights website—where actual customers submit extensive product reviews which are verified by Gartner, then posted anonymously to the enterprise software community.

Free Trials and Contacting Qumu

Parties interested in learning more about the Qumu Enterprise Video platform may sign up for a Free 30-Day Trial any time. Otherwise, general questions related to platforms, use cases, or industries may be directed to the Qumu Contact Us Form.

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