QC Ware announces integration of Google-developed Cirq as backend for QC Ware’s quantum computing cloud service platform

QC Ware is pleased to announce that its quantum computing cloud service has now fully integrated the Cirq interface and simulator. This integration will allow QC Ware’s applications and development tools to run seamlessly on Google’s quantum computing simulator and future hardware.

Cirq is an open-source quantum computing framework by Google.

It provides a means for quantum programmers to specify and run quantum circuits, and it will serve as the official interface to Google’s prospective quantum computing cloud services.

Cirq allows users to run quantum algorithms on Google’s quantum simulator, and QC Ware is pioneering the implementation of quantum algorithms for business use cases.

In March, Google announced the development of a 72-qubit quantum processor, named Bristlecone. QC Ware’s cloud service platform will be compatible with it, and future quantum processors from Google.

QC Ware is a pioneer in enabling enterprises to explore the use of quantum computing on multiple quantum hardware systems from a single software platform. By providing a suite of industry-oriented application programming interfaces, QC Ware’s cloud service abstracts away the difficulty of quantum computing programming and allows its customers to take advantage of this technology to investigate applications in optimization, simulation, and machine learning.

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