–  Module aids consolidation of data for businesses with multiple NAV or AX databases housed on multiple servers –

ROLE OF DATA IN DRIVING BUSINESS BENEFITSBusiness intelligence software author, PrecisionPoint Software, provides a critical data consolidation module to organisations that are using either Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX across multiple servers and locations.

The module is offered as an add-on to the PrecisionPoint business intelligence suite. Specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, PrecisionPoint is at the forefront of delivering comprehensive self-service business intelligence (BI) through an on-site managed service. Its rapid deployment and low-cost of entry subscription model makes PrecisionPoint particularly attractive to mid-market organisations that need an affordable solution to the BI dilemma.

The PrecisionPoint consolidation module is unique in that it takes multiple NAV or AX databases, which can be on multiple servers and/or in multiple countries, and pulls the data together into a single database. The PrecisionPoint BI solution is then added on top of this consolidated data, providing an accurate global view of the organisation’s finances in an easy to use, single location.

Mike Evans, CEO of PrecisionPoint Software, comments, “Data consolidation is not a new concept and is simple to understand, yet the majority of businesses are still using separate consolidation and business intelligence tools. As a result, companies have access to only summary level consolidated data, making it impossible to gain both a global andin depth understanding of business performance. By incorporating the consolidation module into the BI solution, businesses benefit from a flexible tool that allows users to drill down into the detail of the figures to attain new insight into cross-division or cross-company operations.”

The PrecisionPoint data consolidation module is offered as an add-on to the overall business intelligence solution, delivering a number of benefits:

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  • Single source of information to deliver both consolidated and local country/company based reporting.
  • Existing reports can be used – each country or company just becomes another dimension within the BI cube.
  • Data is still available at transaction level – unlike most alternatives that offer only summary level data.
  • With a consolidated view of transactions organisations can achieve global evaluation of performance by product and by customer.

Evans continues, “Consolidation doesn’t just give insight into the organisation’s own finances; it is also incredibly useful for getting a view of your customers’ financial status too. For example, when provided with the correct information it is easier to make the right business decisions, such as:  should credit be extended to Customer A in the UK, with the data shows the company has exceeded its credit limit in France for the past six months?”

Evans concludes, “Operating a business across multiple locations is always challenging, but obtaining a clear, accurate view of business performance overall along with the ability to filter down by country, company or region doesn’t have to be. Using the PrecisionPoint consolidation module, both local and global finance, IT and executive colleagues and board members can quickly and easily receive the detailed information required to ensure that the business continues to operate as effectively as possible.”

About PrecisionPoint

PrecisionPoint simplifies access to sophisticated decision critical Business Intelligence (BI) and is available for both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX. Available as an online managed service, customers benefit from rapid speed of deployment and are able to produce meaningful cross-functional reports and analysis across the entire organization in a matter of days.

With dual bases in the UK and the US, PrecisionPoint is used by hundreds of successful companies worldwide including Americana International, Royal Horticultural Society, Broadsoft, Fitflop, Koppers, NTT Europe, AB Agri and Carter Jonas.

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