Praxity member and international standards compliance guru, AJA Benelux, has joined forces with call centre IT specialist, ServeMeBest, to launch the world’s first certification programme for customer service transparency.

Lillian Kallman
Lillian Kallman

Call centres can now demonstrate their commitment to customer care via a specifically-designed independently-ratified process, rather than apply for the more generic International Standard Organisation (ISO) Certificate in Quality Management.

The programme encourages businesses to open up previously hidden CRM system data to consumers, allowing them to access call recordings automatically and ensure publication of data on customer service performance, such as on-hold waiting times.  Calls can be accessed via a link and password that is sent by e-mail or text.

Lillian Kallman, AJA Benelux Senior Technical Manager, explains: “All recordings are held on independent servers, rather than the call centre’s own.  This not only ensures impartiality but enables us to monitor the data to ensure transparency in customer interactions.  One we’re satisfied this has been achieved we award our ‘best practice’ certification which is the quality-assurance guarantee.”

Louis Coomans, AJA Director, adds: “The technology and certification process encourages excellence and compliance with a guaranteed standard of transparency, allowing top performers to exhibit tangible evidence of their commitment to the provision of outstanding customer care.  Such transparency ensures organisations secure customer trust, while the certification provides them with that marketing edge.’

Louis Coomans
Louis Coomans

AJA is the exclusive worldwide reference for the new standard and expects it to be recognised locally, regionally, industry-wide and globally.  The firm is part of the AJA Group, which has offices in 34 countries globally and is involved in a range of certification programmes including sustainable forestry, energy efficiency and human rights.

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