PEPPER, the fully mobile bank from the Leumi Group, will take part in a pioneering collaboration with Playbuzz, the digital authoring platform. Content created utilising Playbuzz’s suite of interactive formats – such as polls, quizzes, flip cards and more – will be embedded as an integral part of PEPPER’s new banking app in order to enhance user experience and engagement through personalised content.

Shaul Olmert, CEO and Co-founder, Playbuzz: “This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how interactive content fits naturally into the financial industry. PEPPER did not initially aim to provide an entertaining experience, but using Playbuzz as part of the dialogue between PEPPER and its customers, makes the holistic experience of banking more enjoyable.”

Lilach Bar-David, CEO, PEPPER: “Through the content produced together with Playbuzz, we will offer a mobile-friendly and personalised banking experience. The collaboration with Playbuzz will offer a feed of content highlighting a range of PEPPER’s features, personalised content related to one’s banking habits and a variety of different value propositions. A joint survey we conducted among 10,000 users on their financial management habits and perception of money showed that less than 50% of millennials use banks’ mobile apps. If we can produce clear content that will make people understand what they have, their credit and payment options, and provide them with alternatives, we can create a banking experience that people will like and want to return to.”

“Integrating Playbuzz’s interactive formats within the app will enable us to learn more about customer satisfaction, the degree of suitability for the customer and other features of interest to PEPPER users.”

Extensive online research that is currently being conducted as part of the collaboration between PEPPER and Playbuzz has shown surprising findings thus far. While millennials continue to show their affection for “selfies” (over 40%), many perceptions of this generation are unjust – the companies found these are smart and responsible youngsters, who know what’s going on in their current account (over 80%), while 37% say with confidence that they are not overdrawn. Almost 70% think a few years ahead financially and professionally – and plan their savings for the future (mortgage and children). Only 5% still expect their parents to pay their bills.

This is a very entrepreneurial generation, waiting to take the plunge and set up something on their own. 40% are looking for challenges at work and 25% aspire to having their own business. These are initial findings and the purpose of the collaboration in question is to continue exploring and producing insights, in order to provide banking solutions to this generation.

“PEPPER is offering a different type of banking compared to the majority of what we see happening today,” says Bar-David. “Content will be at the helm of our communication with users. For example, when pay slips are distributed, we can relate by using our content to address an overdraft; when interest rates are determined, we can refer to alternative investments in a zero-interest environment, and so on. The goal is to be relevant – both with our content and in the form of presentation which is similar to how users consume content today.”

“We are consuming more content than ever,” says Olmert, “but in a completely different way.” “Each and every one of us is not only a content consumer, but also a content generator, and with that in mind, we want to innovate and introduce content that is truly interesting. The challenge in our collaboration with PEPPER is to turn the functional experience of browsing in the banking app into a personal, fun, pleasant and enriching experience – one that you want to repeat. Above all – the biggest challenge is turning banking content – which until now has deterred users – into content that surfers love.”

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