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Phishing attacks: Ways to avoid them




Online surfing can pose threat to your personal data if it is not secured. Encountering phishing attacks from various sites, virus intrusion etc. can result into the loss of your secured information to outsiders. Therefore you should have a well-built net to stop such attacks and avoid the stealing of any important information online.

So how do you identify such suspicious programs?

  1. Working online may have associated risks. The primary risk is losing your data to unauthorized entities. Sending and receiving emails is one of the first things one uses internet for. This mode of communication can also threaten to intrude your private data when you click on unknown links from unknown email id.
  2. If you have any doubt about the way your email account is functioning, contact the respective customer service centre to find out the truth.
  3. Have you come across an anonymous email with a phone number and the email suggests you to call the number to claim any prize you've won? Avoid using those numbers, as they might be serving the purpose of stealing your personal data.
  4. Internet is one solution to fulfill one's needs in terms of shopping, music, movies and many more. It offers the facility of downloading such software. However downloading information without having prior information might be hazardous. As you might end up inviting unknown software to your computer, for example, virus, malware, spyware, etc. which can ruin the complete system.
  5. If you want to open a webpage, you should enter the URL of the webpage on the search engine, rather than clicking on to the embedded links that some sites offer you to click (as these may be phishing sites).
  6. The system log in id, username and password are the primary and perhaps the most important information you need to protect always.
  7. Each computer system comes with pre-installed firewall version for its windows system and it is recommended that you buy good anti-virus software for the complete protection of the system from any suspicious programs online.
  8. You need to keep updating your security software on a timely basis. The different software companies keep on releasing new versions of the existing software to fight the latest version of virus software.


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