Persistent welcomes Raytheon as a Wave Relay® Ecosystem Partner Mobile

ad hoc networking solution delivers transformative capability to Raytheon product family

Persistent Systems, LLC (“Persistent”) announced today that it has entered into a five-year partnership with Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN). Raytheon will incorporate Persistent’s Wave Relay® MANET technology into Raytheon’s family of manned and unmanned systems and sensors, creating a true battlefield network. Persistent is proud to have been selected as Raytheon’s MANET communication solution out of the many commercially available MANET solutions.

“Over the next 5 years, the battlefield will experience a transformational infusion of autonomy, collaborative behaviors, swarming, and artificial intelligence. A scalable, dynamic, peer-to-peer communication system with edge computing will provide the foundation on which these technologies will be built,” said John Hobday, of Raytheon Advanced Concepts.

Integration has already begun across a number of Raytheon platforms. Persistent’s Embedded Module is easy to integrate and provides tremendous capability, enabling Raytheon to accelerate their development efforts and to bring cutting-edge products to market faster.

“Persistent’s vision is to empower the soldier via the network. The real winner today is the soldier on the ground. As industry leaders, such as Raytheon, incorporate Wave Relay® technology into their systems and sensors, the soldiers gain massively increased capability without having to carry any additional weight,” said Herbert Rubens, CEO of Persistent. “The advanced systems that Raytheon is developing will improve situational awareness, protect our soldiers, and make them more effective.”

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Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

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