Version 2.0 of FVP Software Now Available, Facilitating the Adoption of Decoupled Storage in Every Virtualised Data Centre

PernixData, the leader in server-side storage intelligence, today announced the release of several new editions of PernixData FVP™ software that facilitate the adoption of decoupled storage in all end user environments, from small businesses to large service providers. These editions come in conjunction with the general availability of version 2.0 of FVP software, the only software that accelerates file and block storage by performing reads and writes using server side resources like RAM and flash.

The Right Solution for Any Data Centre

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Jeff Aaron
Jeff Aaron

PernixData’s award winning FVP software can be purchased in the following ways, providing a range of features and prices to accommodate any data centre environment:

• FVP Enterprise: FVP Enterprise is designed for the most demanding applications in the data centre. Deployment can be on flash, RAM or a combination of the two. FVP Enterprise also introduces topology aware Write Back acceleration via Fault Domains that allows enterprises to align FVP with their data centre design best practices. In addition, FVP Enterprise comes with sophisticated, built-in resource management that makes the best possible use of available server resources. With FVP Enterprise, there is no limit placed on the number of hosts or VMs supported in an FVP Cluster™.

• FVP Subscription: A version of FVP Enterprise that is purchased using a subscription model, making it ideal for service provider environments.

• FVP Standard: FVP Standard is designed for the most common virtualised applications within the data centre. It supports deployments via all flash or all RAM. No limit is placed on the number of hosts or VMs in an FVP cluster. FVP Standard is purchased as a perpetual license only.
• FVP VDI: A version of FVP exclusively for virtual desktop infrastructures (priced on a per desktop basis.)

• FVP Essentials Plus: A bundled version of FVP Standard that supports 3 hosts and accelerates up to 100 VMs (in alignment with vSphere Essentials Plus). This product replaces the FVP SMB Edition.

“With the latest editions of FVP software, PernixData brings enterprise-class storage acceleration features to every end user environment,” said Bala Narasimhan, director of product management at PernixData. “By making it extremely easy and affordable to put storage intelligence into high speed server resources, PernixData is leading the decoupled movement and changing the storage landscape forever.”

Raising the Bar for Storage Acceleration

According to a recent Virtualization and Storage Report, 51% of IT professionals want to increase storage performance, while only 21% exclusively need more storage capacity. To address this dichotomy, 44% have implemented or plan to implement server side flash in the next 12 months, with over 70% interested in deploying storage acceleration software like PernixData FVP.

PernixData FVP software virtualises server flash and RAM to create a low latency IO acceleration tier. By decoupling storage performance from capacity, PernixData FVP software maximises VM performance, minimises storage costs, and lets companies of all sizes scale-out storage performance in an easy and cost effective way.

Poojan Kumar
Poojan Kumar

Since first shipping in August 2013, FVP software has distinguished itself with the following features:

• Fault-Tolerant Write Acceleration—FVP is the only storage acceleration software with both read and write acceleration with fault tolerance.
• Clustered Platform—FVP allows any host to remotely access other hosts, ensuring seamless support of all VM operations and products (e.g. vMotion, HA, DRS etc).

• 100 percent seamless deployment—FVP is deployed in the hypervisor using public APIs certified by VMware. No changes are required to VMs, hosts or primary storage.

FVP version 2.0 raises the bar even higher with the following groundbreaking capabilities:

• Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory (DFTM)—FVP is the only storage acceleration software that lets users cluster server RAM, providing the fastest acceleration with complete fault tolerance.

• Optimise any storage device—FVP is the only solution to support file (e.g. NFS), block (e.g. iSCSI, fibre channel, FCoE), and local datastores for seamless integration into any environment.

• User defined fault domains—IT administrators can software define which hosts participate in replica groups for increased data protection.
• Adaptive network compression—FVP software minimises traffic to optimise available network and storage resources.