• PayU has become Google’s partner in the implementation of Android Pay, the state-of-the-art mobile payment method. 
  • Merchants cooperating with PayU in Poland can start to offer payments with Android Pay in their mobile apps (with a simple SDK integration) and grow their m-commerce sales.

Poland is the second country in the EMEA region, after the UK, and the sixth in the world, where Google has introduced Android Pay, and PayU is one of Google’s first partners in this market in the area of e-commerce payments.

“We want to make in-app payments simpler for everyone, so we’ve worked with PayU to enable Android Pay across the e-commerce market in Poland. This adds to the list of over 400 thousand merchants in Poland where people can seamlessly tap and pay with their Android phones”, said Spencer Spinnell, Google’s Director of Business Development.

The companies’ partnership provides an opportunity for faster growth of m-commerce (online shopping via telephone) and offers new benefits to buyers, who will now be able to use on the internet the mobile payments that they already use in traditional stores.

“The Polish market is an excellent place for the implementation of innovative financial solutions. New payment-related products and services are very quickly adopted by consumers in Poland. As PayU, we want to create an ecosystem for all online buyers, in which they will be able to use, wherever and whenever they want, the most modern and convenient forms of payment, including mobile payments. Android Pay is one of the best examples of such solutions, so I am convinced that the cooperation of Google and PayU will bring about excellent results in m-commerce”, says Mario Shiliashki, CEO of PayU for the EMEA region.

There is a lot of data suggesting that the mobile payment system Android Pay has a strong chance to win popularity in Poland, both online and offline. Eastern Europe’s mobile market is seeing the fastest growth in the world. Within the region, Poland has the highest share of internet connections via mobile at 57%[1], which is the 8th highest rate in the world. Moreover, the number of mobile connections relative to the population, at 141% in Poland, puts the country in the 2nd place in the region and 10th place in the world[2]. In addition, the share of online purchases paid by mobile is growing rapidly, increasing by 1/3 year-on-year according to PayU data[3].

Android Pay debuted in Poland on 17 November 2016 and is currently available to clients who have cards issued by Alior Bank, BZ WBK, T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe and Nest Bank and use devices with Android KitKat 4.4 or newer.

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