paysafecard: INTERNET PIONEER AND INTERNATIONAL PREPAID EXPERT Wertkarten AG (holding of the paysafecard group) is based in Vienna with subsidiaries in London, Düsseldorf, Lucerne, New York, Mexico City and Buenos Aires, among other places. The company was founded in 2000 and is the European market leader in online prepaid payment methods. The board of directors includes Michael Müller (chairman), Udo Müller and Bernd Egger. The company is present in 33 countries at over 450,000 sales outlets with its innovative prepaid core product paysafecard.


The success of the paysafecard group and its high acceptance among customers is due to the continuing development of its distribution structure, an ever-increasing number of attractive webshop partners and its constant expansion. The paysafecard group is particularly keen on continually improving product quality and customer service.

In 2012, paysafecard was awarded the Paybefore Award for Best Digital Currency as well as the Paybefore Award Europe for Most Innovative Prepaid Solution. The prepaid payment solutions offered by the company in the form of paysafecard, YUNA Card and Happy Schenkcard provide payment methods tailored to different needs.

Paying online in no time at all

The core product paysafecard is a prepaid online payment method which allows customers to pay online quickly – and just as simply, safely and fast as if with cash. Anyone can use paysafecard. Paying with paysafecard doesn’t require entering any personal details, bank account information or credit card details. The prepaid solution paysafecard works like a prepaid mobile phone card. The 16-digit PIN is all that’s needed to pay online. The amount paid is then deducted from the balance of that paysafecard, which can be checked online at any time.

Available worldwide

paysafecard is available at over 450,000 sales outlets around the world. Over 4,000 webshops accept the prepaid card: paysafecard is a popular payment method at well-known merchants from the gaming, social media & communities, music, film and entertainment industries.

Further convenient payment methods

The prepaid credit cards YUNA Card and Happy Schenkcard complement the portfolio of the paysafecard group with two additional safe and convenient payment methods. They can be used anywhere in the world where MasterCard® is accepted. Both products are also not connected to a bank account, thereby guaranteeing the absolute highest data protection possible. YUNA Card and Happy Schenkcard customers draw on a credit balance credited to their cards in advance and which can be viewed online at any time.

In Europe, the products are issued through the e-money licence granted by the British Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) as well as a MasterCard licence. Each licence is held by the respective subsidiary of the paysafecard group.

Founded: 2000
Employees: 180
Products: paysafecard, YUNA Card, Happy Schenkcard
Distribution: 33 countries worldwide
Address: paysafecard group
Am Euro Platz 2 | 1120 Vienna | Austria
Media contact: Michaela Unger | +43 1 / 720 83 80 – 214 | [email protected]

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