The UK’s latest price comparison website,, has selected Pancredit’s intelligent loan decisioning technology to power its consumer loan search facility. The implementation promises to enhance the end-user’s search experience and increase value for lenders through improved conversion rates., launched in July 2014, is a free, independent and impartial price comparison service which uses cutting-edge technologies to find the best deals for its customers across a range of consumer services. The site’s integrated ‘Smart Search’ loan function is powered by Pancredit’s MADE, an intelligent decisioning solution that conducts an automated and intelligent affordability assessment to determine which loan products an applicant will qualify for and is likely to be granted.

The facility accesses the applicant’s credit profile (without leaving a footprint) and matches this data with each loan’s qualification criteria, which are held in Pancredit’s own database. The solution also performs additional automated checks according to other common qualification factors, such as whether the applicant has any outstanding County Court Judgements. This data is used to filter all available loan products in order to present only appropriate products in the applicant’s search results. In addition to enhancing the applicant’s user-experience, this approach enables comparison sites to increase profits by passing higher quality pre-qualified leads to lenders. This, in turn, also raises efficiency amongst lenders by reducing the time spent processing redundant applications.

Karl Joseph, CEO,, says: “ was designed to help consumers make the most of their money. When developing the site, our vision was to create something that was simple, functional and, above all, enjoyable for users to access. Only by working with trusted technology partners like Pancredit have we been able to realise our vision.

“Pancredit has armed us with the functionality to offer our customers an easy way to find the right loan for them. Finding a loan online can be a complex and frustrating task and one that leaves many of us perplexed and frustrated. We wanted to ensure that the process was as easy and as valuable to the consumer as possible. The MADE solution was the perfect fit.”

Graham Donald, Managing Director, Pancredit, adds: “ has joined a new generation of price comparison sites, which are putting the loan applicant at the heart of their search process. Rather than taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that lists all available loan products, regardless of whether an applicant is likely to be accepted or not, users of can now find the most appropriate products for their individual circumstances. The end-result is a happy customer and pre-qualified lead for the lender. Everyone wins.”

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