One in five tempted to invest in crypto-currencies for the first time

One in five people in the UK who have never owned any crypto-currencies would consider buying some over the next three years.  This is according to new research* with over 1,000 UK adults from CitigateDewe Rogerson, the international communications agency.

The findings, which are published in a new report entitled: ‘Investor Perception: Crypto-Currencies’, (to register for a copy of the report click here) reveals that of those people who have no plan to buy or invest in crypto-currencies, 67% said it’s because they are too risky or volatile.  This is followed by 61% who said they don’t know enough about them, and 43% who said there is not enough regulation to protect investors.

Some 16% said it was because they don’t know where to buy or trade them, and 10% said there are too many crypto-currencies to choose from and don’t know which ones to go for. 

Phil Anderson, Executive Director at CitigateDewe Rogerson said: “Our research shows that many investors are tempted to dip their toe into the crypto-currency marketplace, but there are a number of obstacles preventing them from doing this.

“However, many of the obstacles to crypto-currency investment will be addressed in the coming months and years. Assuming valuations continue to rise, many more investors will be attracted to this market.”

CitigateDewe Rogerson’s separate research with 30 financial professionals reveals that 73% anticipate that between now and 2020, there will be more regulation introduced around crypto-currencies protecting investors.

Just under one in three (30%) believe that crypto-currencies will never stabilise. Nearly one in five (19%) think this will happen within the next three years, 22% believe it will happen between four and five years from now and 30% think it will take longer than this.

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