Expands implementation of RAID software across cable and mobile

WeDo Technologies, a worldwide leader in Enterprise Business Assurance (EBA) has announced that it has signed an agreement with NOS to implement WeDo’s RAID Telecom software across the entire business. This represents a brand new direction for the operator’s approach to Fraud Management (FM) and Revenue Assurance (RA) on the cable side of the business, and an upgrade from previous iterations of RAID for the mobile business; ensuring consistency across the company. The new software deployment will enable NOS to create an enterprise-wide unified view of business processes by auditing data in their application environment, avoiding manual error-prone work and allowing analysts to focus on what matters.

NOS has more than 3.7 million mobile users, 1.5 million television, 1.5 million fixed telephone and over 1 million fixed broadband Internet customers. As a result of its 2013 merger, NOS needed to create synergies across the mobile and cable elements of the company to provide a consolidated RA and FM solution, having previously used separate systems from three different companies for mobile and fixed services. Based on their experience of using all three systems, NOS selected WeDo Technologies’ RAID software to gather systems data and bridge analytics across various departments.


WeDo’s RAID software provides NOS with the capabilities to proactively identify risk and alarm triggers and take action to help reduce financial losses, allowing them to become more efficient, reduce inherent business risks, automate compliance obligations and eliminate waste. The solution offers a holistic view and analysis of data across multiple business processes to review performance by mapping risk indicators, detecting deviations from projected levels and allowing for a rapid transformational response.

Rui Paiva
Rui Paiva

“In Portugal, service penetration for Pay TV, fixed broadband, Triple-Play (3P) and (4P), and mobile voice is continuing to grow significantly, and as a result of operators’ presence across these different segments, market shares have been left unbalanced,” said Ricardo Moreira, Enterprise Business Assurance Manager, NOS. “We needed a dynamic solution to help accelerate convergence across the full addressable market to create synergy between systems, while encouraging innovation, productivity and operational efficiency. Having had a successful relationship with WeDo since 2005 on the mobile side of our business, we were confident that they were the right partner for the wider company.”

“We’re pleased to provide NOS with the advanced analytical tools required to streamline and simplify business processes across different areas of their business,” said Rui Paiva, CEO, WeDo Technologies. “The extended deployment of RAID offers a flexible, robust and unified Enterprise Business Assurance solution to provide real value for each customer segment and enable better alignment across departments. We look forward to building upon our working partnership with NOS to bring increased operational effectiveness and enhanced customer service, while driving margin growth, improving overall customer satisfaction and the delivery of both short and long term financial returns.”

The solution is due to be rolled-out in Q4 2015, starting with cable implementation.