No home truths for women

  • 54% of women have lied to their partners about the cost of home interior purchases
  • 39% of those feel no guilt whatsoever about little lies that improve the home overall 

1 IN 2 women have fibbed about a home interiors purchase they have made, according to new research.

A survey of 1,017 UK adults carried out by interiors etailer, Furniture123, found UK women are most likely to lie about the cost of new interior purchases, with a massive 54% confessing to having done this.

39% of these say they feel no guilt whatsoever about these kinds of little lies, as they ultimately improve the home.

Furthermore, 66% of those interior shopping fibbers say they would continue to lie about purchases to benefit the overall aesthetic of the home.

1 in 4 (25%) have lied to their partner about the price of an item. And as many as 16% have tried to convince their other halves that they had already told them about the purchase beforehand.

The reasons behind these porky pies lay mainly in concerns about having spent the money on the item – with 21% of women admitting that the high cost of the item was a significant factor, while 14% said they knew their partner would think it was an unnecessary purchase.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Furniture 123 said: “Often couples believe that a small white lie won’t cause any harm, especially when they feel their partner will ultimately benefit from it in some way. It’s clear that behind these small lies are good intentions to make homes the most inviting, relaxing and comfortable space possible. That said – honesty really is the best policy, and so we’d always encourage couples to communicate about the purchases they’re intending to make to the home. Ultimately, it usually results in a more harmonious atmosphere – which no amount of furniture and interiors accessories can make up for!”

Furniture123 is an etailer of affordable yet stylish home furnishings for the home and bathrooms, which can be purchased through its website.

For more information, visit Furniture123 online.

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