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ContactWorld for empowers customers to deliver fast and personalised customer service

The App Hub is a one-stop shop where SMBs can easily integrate third-party apps, connect their telephony systems and grow their customer service app environments

NewVoiceMedia, the leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions announced it has joined the App Hub to help fast-growing SMBs leverage customer service to accelerate growth. NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for equips organisations of all sizes with an entirely new view into customer relationships so agents can effortlessly deliver personalised service and enrich the entire customer experience. Its seamless, unified interface makes it easy to manage customer requests, efficiently route customer enquiries and enhance performance.

“To stay competitive, leading-edge companies need scalable systems that deliver consistent and personalised service to keep both customers and agents happy,” said Jonathan Gale, CEO, NewVoiceMedia. “We are excited to integrate the power of and NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld so companies of all sizes can deliver an expanded level of engagement that grows customer acquisition and allegiance”.

“Fast-growing SMBs are looking to transform the way they connect with customers, partners and employees to thrive in today’s connected world”, said Leyla Seka, GM and senior vice president, Salesforce “By leveraging the power of the App Hub, NewVoiceMedia provides customers with the proven tools to keep customer service at the heart of their businesses”.

Product Key Features

By integrating telephony with, service teams have an intuitive, unified interface so they can seamlessly and effectively manage customer requests. With NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for, agents benefit from screen-pops offering immediate access to the customer record, together with click-to-dial and call recording options directly within their environments. Now, organisations can quickly connect customers to the right agent to resolve issues, and immediate insight into customer data enhances the experience for both customers and agents. Furthermore, access to call recording and reporting features ensures organisations can continually improve performance and deliver best-in-class customer service.

Introducing the New App Hub to Leverage Customer Service for Rapid Growth

The new App Hub is a one-stop shop for SMBs to easily access more than 50 partner apps that help them enhance the customer service experience and accelerate growth. Utilising partner apps, customers can deliver greater levels of customer engagement and have a single, comprehensive view of the customer. With the App Hub, SMBs now have a single, trusted location where they can quickly deploy apps that enhance customer service, without the cost and hassle of building one-off integrations.

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