NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of cloud technology that helps businesses sell more, serve better and grow faster, today announced that Grand Pacific Resorts has elevated its customer service with NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld solution, enabling agents to provide superior experiences.

With NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Service technology, Grand Pacific Resorts’ customers are able to connect to the most appropriate agent, first time. As a result, the company has hit an impressive 83.9 Net Promoter Score. Agent productivity has also increased by 36 percent and response rates from inbound requests have reduced from one to two days to three to four minutes. Skills-based routing has helped boost revenue, too, allowing the best agents to be put on sales calls. Revenue per call is up for all of Grand Pacific Resorts’ rental properties.

Managers have particularly benefited from the real-time visibility NewVoiceMedia provides for the contact centre. Agents and managers can track and record calls with detailed reports and information automatically logged, directly in Salesforce. Also, the easy-to-use software can be adjusted quickly and easily allowing for tweaks without the need for IT support.

“Before ContactWorld, we had limited visibility into the four call handling operations and our offline processes. Now, we create all of the reports through Salesforce and NewVoiceMedia’s technology”, said Jeff Farr, vice president of revenue and technology, Grand Pacific Resorts.

“We’re starting to see some of the true performers who get real pride in their work. They now know how they are performing in relation to SLAs so they can manage their day to take tangible steps to improve or share best practices. They have full visibility into how they are doing as a team and it has fostered a family environment”, commented Darren Polino, director of contact centre operations, Grand Pacific Resorts.

“High-end customer service requires grade-A technology, and NewVoiceMedia was created with the customer in mind. The customer journey needs to be seamless, and Grand Pacific Resorts has leveraged ContactWorld to truly optimise its contact centre”, said Jonathan Gale, CEO, NewVoiceMedia.

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