Today Ari Rastegar, founder and CEO of Rastegar Equity Partners, released an enlightening special report created for professionals. In “The Market Crash Cycle: How it Works, What to Expect, and How to Protect Yourself from the Next Impending Crash,” Mr. Rastegar outlines the history of past market crash cycles and offers practical steps professionals can take today to navigate downturns and illuminate the way forward.Rastegar has been quoted saying: “The best way to make money in a recession is to not lose money.”

In this special report investors will learn:

  • A history of American market booms and busts
  • How the 6-step Crash Cycle works, and what phase we’re in now
  • Why crashes happen, and what to watch for in 2018
  • An analysis of what’s to come, and when
  • Potential causes of the next market crash
  • 6 things professionals can do to protect their financial future

“When the economy is chugging along like this it’s easy to think it will always be this way. History tells us that it won’t last. Booms and busts are a normal feature of the business cycle. In fact, the American economy has seen 33 crashes since 1850; that averages out to 1 crash every 5 years,” said Ari Rastegar. “This special report is a red alert to all professionals seeking to protect their wealth. The crash is coming and the time is now to streamline your finances, reallocate your portfolio and take meaningful steps to help secure your financial future.”

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