New Site Allows Crypto Purchase With Credit Card

By Jennifer Hansen

CreditCoin just announced the launch of its online platform, allowing users to purchase cryptocurrency on their credit or debit card without the hassle of connecting a bank account or having an eWallet. Solving some of the greatest challenges of obtaining cryptocurrency, CreditCoin is both fast and easy, allowing users to buy up to €5,000 (approximately $5,800 USD) in cryptocurrency within a matter of minutes.

BitcoinEthereum andLitecoin are available for purchase initially with other cryptocurrencies available in the coming months. CreditCoin uses a proprietary algorithm for sourcing and securing cryptocurrency at the lowest cost possible at any given millisecond.

Based on learnings from tens of millions of card-not-present transactions, CreditCoin has developed a unique method for onboarding customers with the fewest number of clicks or taps. This allows users to be approved to purchase cryptocurrency at much greater volumes and speed than any competing platform.

“Buying Bitcoin shouldn’t have to be a tedious and painful process,” said Jennifer Hansen, spokesperson for CreditCoin. “We created CreditCoin to be an Easy button for anyone to get into cryptocurrency and have vowed to revolutionize the cryptocurrency purchasing experience by making the process as streamlined and user friendly as possible.”

Whereas competing platforms can take over a week to acquire hundreds of dollars in cryptocurrency, CreditCoin enables consumers to buy and access over €5,000 (approximately $5,800 USD) worth of cryptocurrency within minutes. Up to €20,000 (approximately $23,200 USD) in cryptocurrency can be purchased in a 30-day period and the volume can be increased over time. Consumers can purchase in US dollars, euros or British pounds.

Each CreditCoin customer receives a secure offline wallet that is instantly created and loaded with the purchased cryptocurrency. This offline paper wallet can be saved in the form of a PDF to print or put in a secure folder on their desktop or phone.

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