New online tool allows commuters to quickly tot up annual mileage and fuel costs

The widget shows how many miles users drive when commuting each year, how much fuel they use and the cost.

Commuters will be able to find out how many miles they travel getting to and from work every year, and how much they spend on fuel, thanks to a ‘Commuter Calculator’ which has been created by Admiral Car Finance

The tool also tells users how much time is spent in traffic, what the cost of fuel would be if they owned a newer car and how many songs they listen to on their way to work each year.

The aim of the Commuter Calculator is to give commuters information and statistics about their annual commute, including the total time spent commuting and how much of that is sat in traffic jams, to help them make an informed decision if they are thinking of purchasing a new car, or are just considering ways of improving their daily commute.

Motorists simply fill in their home postcode, work postcode, how many days a week they work, as well as the year and fuel type of their car. The online tool then figures out how many miles they will travel to and from work every year.

The tool will also work out how much fuel is used and how much commuters spend on average per year on fuel. It will also work out how much commuters could expect to spend on fuel if they owned a newer car based on average fuel consumption.

Drivers can discover just how many hours they have spent in the car and how many songs in total they will have listened to, as well as how long they will spend every year in traffic.

The tool can be found here

Heledd Jones, Marketing Manager for Admiral Car Finance said:

“Driving to work in rush hour is nobody’s favourite thing to do, but I’m sure everyone has wondered at some point how many miles they drive in a year and how long they have spent in the car. We created this tool for people to find out and use as a reference point if they are thinking about ways to cut down their daily commute, try different means of getting to work, or are considering a new, greener and more fuel efficient vehicle.”

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