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New Generation Business Ideas to Get $100 Million Boost



New Generation Business Ideas to Get $100 Million Boost

NEW DELHI-Announcing $100 million Business Growth Fund for Entrepreneurs, Startups & Founders in Tech, Sports & Entertainment

Deepak Kaistha, MD of TBMGROWTH, India's first 36ONE° degree growth company, and Paras Pandit, CMD of Sheetal Infrastructure, India's premier realty giant, have jointly spearheaded the launch of Business Growth Fund 2018-19 of $100 million.

The Business Growth Fund, which is part of a wider initiative under the banner of a growth consortium, has been envisioned to fuel entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups and early stage companies with meaningfully disruptive ideas in the technology space.

20% of the fund will be earmarked for the entertainment and sports arena.

Deepak Kaistha spoke his mind on the fund, when he said, "This Growth Fund is an opportunity for brilliant minds to claim their place under the sun. It is a lever for outstanding ideas to see the light of day. It is my personal invitation to leaders, industry captains and decision makers to join hands as advisors, guides and mentors for the architects of India's destiny."

Paras Pandit – an iconic business personality of India, said, "Feels amazing to witness my big vision for entrepreneurship in the country and beyond finally see the light of day. A heartfelt thanks in no small measure is due to my dear friend Deepak Kaistha – for making it happen. This growth fund will be funding more than just growth – we will be supporting inspiration, nurturing guts and encouraging out of the box imagination. I invite passionate minds and entrepreneurs to step forward with their ideas and make the most of this truly incredible opportunity. The road ahead is limitless, this is just the beginning."

Capital that goes the extra mile.

The Fund strives to differentiate itself from others in its space, in going well beyond the financial aspect of, and providing a holistic incubation, support ecosystem of knowledge, research and mentorship via leading minds and captains of the industry.

A massive opportunity to build the next disruption.

The Business Growth Fund 2018-19, which is expected to boost the entrepreneurial terrain of the country powerfully, will be made available to deserving businesses and candidates in phases. Of particular note is that the entire amount of the Fund has been earmarked for the financial year 2018-19, on the express mandate that it has to be harnessed within this specific timeline.

Great ideas need great partnerships.

Growth is a joint effort where businesses and entrepreneurs work closely, and know that it takes much more than money to start an idea up. This unique Business Growth Fund will therefore be about mature, patient and empathetic partnerships. Together, creating the next generation of game changers.

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