The rapid increase in demand and popularity of co-working and meeting spaces is becoming a more favourable option for start-ups and SME’s, hinging on its ability to provide staff a more flexible, creative and sociable working environment. WATERS, a creative and innovative marketing agency, has capitalised on the trend, recently launching its own co-working and meeting space. Calling it the Design Deck, the venture is in response to the need for such space in Wales.

A growing agency borne from an entrepreneurial start-up, WATERS is known for its creative approach to solving real business challenges for brands and organisations across the UK. Its focus has always been centred around its clients’ marketing and branding strategies, but having begun as a small start-up, its founder, Rachael Wheatley, understands the need for such co-working and meeting spaces for a variety of reasons.

Wheatley explains:

“Some start-ups don’t have the facilities to be able to work together collaboratively; whether it’s to brainstorm new ideas or hold meetings with third parties. The Design Deck can provide these opportunities to help start-ups in the best way possible.

Design-Deck-(1)“It’s not only start-ups that can benefit from this space though, any business can use it as a means to step outside the restraints of the traditional office environment, when trying to spark inspiration or be creative with business ventures.”

The Design Deck is based in Axis Court and is surrounded by several enterprise zones with easy access to the M4. It boasts three creatively designed and quirky rooms of varying sizes and purposes. Named “Draw It”, “Build It” and “Share It”, the rooms have all been designed to encompass a variety of purposes. Wheatley explains:

“The Design Deck has been created in such a way that anyone can use the spaces for a wide range of reasons – it’s very laid back and encourages the creative juices to flow – but, it is still a structured and focused environment, which allows for maximum productivity to take place.

“Whether you want to hold a small business meeting with a client, conduct workshops or a larger scaled presentation with up to 50 attendees, the Design Deck can accommodate this to work best for you and your business needs.

“We’re so proud to be able to offer this opportunity to businesses and their employees – we’ve had great feedback since launching and can’t wait to see how it evolves!”