FusionExperience help to maximise information available to Salespeople to streamline the CRM process

FusionExperience, the business and data solutions company, has announced Neptune Investment Management (Neptune) has signed a contract for FusionExperience to continue providing support to Neptune’s CRM system.

The agreement, which took effect from April 2014, follows on from three successful years of support for live running, and confirms the partnership for another year.

Neptune is a UK-based fund management company offering a range of ISA-friendly equity funds to private investors, advisers and institutional clients. Under the terms of the contract, FusionExperience will help Neptune to continue delivering the very best CRM services to its sales force to ensure they are fully prepared for every meeting.

NEPTUNE Investment Management Renews Support Contract With FUSIONEXPERIENCE
NEPTUNE Investment Management Renews Support Contract With FUSIONEXPERIENCE

As Neptune’s support partner, FusionExperience supports the company’s cloud based CRM solution that provides a holistic view of a clients’ position, including holdings and transactions, and segregated mandates.

FusionExperience pro-actively monitors daily uploads of holdings and transactions from IFDS, as well as feeds of exchange rates and segregated mandates.  Often, issues are resolved before Neptune is aware.  This means that every time sales representatives prepare for meetings with clients, they are able to see details of all investments and valuations as well as previous interactions, all in one place.

Justin Ralph, Head of Client Services and Product Management, Neptune Investment Management said:

“In today’s post RDR competitive climate, it is essential that we provide the very best service to our clients whenever we interact with them. FusionExperience has already proven its effectiveness by ensuring both our CRM systems and the interfaces that feed them are available and working at all times.”

Steve Edkins, Chief Executive Officer, FusionExperience comments:

“The renewal from Neptune is testimony that we continue to provide a high quality service. Whether that be supporting product releases to the underlying Salesforce platform or the specific function and features customised for Neptune. The FusionExperience team brings proven service as well as deep expertise in Financial Services, coupled with a passion for helping Neptune improve efficiencies and serve its customers better.”