MyPinPad, the next generation of secure payment authentication, has become the first member of Vendorcom’s new ‘Connected’ membership tier. Vendorcom is a pan-European membership organisation which connects all stakeholders in the payments industry. By committing to this higher level of membership in Vendorcom, MyPinPad is stepping up its involvement in the payment community, demonstrating confidence in its innovative solution and a definite strategy for success.

MyPinPad logoDavid Poole, Business Development Director, MyPinPad said, “As part of the process of integrating our pioneering authentication technology into the global payments community, we are keen to maintain our alignment with the industry’s thought leaders. We are looking forward to being a ‘Connected’, active member of Vendorcom.”

Vendorcom now offers a range of membership opportunities with the Connected tier providing the strongest opportunities for engagement with potential customers and one of the most supportive for MyPinPad’s full industry launch in early 2015. Vendorcom brings together one of the most extensive and relevant networks of payment industry leaders and potential partners to boost the innovative new company.

Vendorcom logoVendorcom Chairman Paul Rodgers said, “With its pioneering approach to online mobile authentication, MyPinPad represents a solution for the future for the payments industry. We are delighted that they have taken their involvement in the community to the next level and look forward to learning from their undoubted expertise whilst we support them as they grow into an established major player in the payments industry.”