Apps Trim, Zoom, Crop Videos and Dramatize Action Sequences in Slow Motion

muvee Device Solutions Group [DSG], the global leader in video editing applications for mobile devices, announced the availability of three muvee apps in the Google Play Store. This is the first time the company has released apps in this marketplace.

MUVEE Launches Suite Of Video Editing Applications On Google Play Store
MUVEE Launches Suite Of Video Editing Applications On Google Play Store

muvee reTrim is designed for users to very easily trim their videos to the desired scene, and mix in a background music track from their collection. The app uses muvee’s proprietary compressed domain engine (CODEN) which enables video cutting without having to transcode the video. Hence video cutting is instantaneous, and there is zero quality loss. Users can then choose a music track and tweak the balance between the music and the video’s audio track.

muvee reFrame allows users to zoom, crop and reframe HD videos instantly. These applications are designed specifically to enhance the advanced video capture experience on ultra wide angle action cameras like GoPro and Smartphones which capture in Full HD and even up to 4K Ultra HD resolution. Without an optical zoom, users are currently not able to take tight shots of their subjects. With muvee reFrame, users are able to frame their desired shot in a box and even slowly drag the box across the screen as the video plays, effectively “zooming” into the object, and cropping out the extra background. This empowers users to create cinematic film-quality shots even after shooting.

muvee reAction applies a professionally designed slow motion profile on a one-second segment of video instantly. Users select the moment and a speed ramp profile and muvee reAction will re-time that segment using a variable slow motion engine. This creates a dramatic sequence instantly. This is done with muvee’s CODEN engine in the compressed domain using a proprietary technique, so there are no video artifacts and zero quality loss.

“These three simple yet powerful video tools are essential for any Smartphone that shoots videos to maximize the video creation experience, and are beyond easy to use. Use reTrims to get rid of all the excess video you don’t need with a click, then add a driving music track, maybe mix in a bit of the audio to give some ambience. Shot videos of little Ethan scoring his first goal at soccer practice from the sidelines? Use reFrames to get a tight shot of that action and send it to daddy. And our current crowd pleaser, reAction, slows down those awesome moments like the perfect half pipe trick or the last minute 3-pointer,” said Terence Swee, CEO, muvee. “We know there are a lot of dull moments in even a 1 minute video. These combos of video apps are must-haves for anyone who shoots any videos they want to share.”

muvee has been creating video editing apps for devices including Smartphones and cameras since 2004. This is the first time they have released them for public consumption. These apps will be available for $2.99 each.

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