Mobileum, the leader in analytics solutions for telecom business transformation, has today announced the launch of the advanced version of Roam-Like-at-Home (RLAH) enabler, with fair usage policy (FUP) support to meet the guidelines mandated by EU Regulation 2015/2120. While the detailed FUP guidelines are open for public consultation by the European Commission and are yet to be finalized, Mobileum’s RLAH enabler offers highly flexible policy rules to cover a broad definition of periodic travel, which could be based on the number of days within a year and further segregated into volumes within a month. As a result, the RLAH enabler is ready to support FUP even before the regulations fully come into force.

The European Union (EU) Council has set June 15, 2017 as the deadline to end roaming surcharges. Roaming providers will be able to apply a ‘fair use policy’ to prevent abusive or anomalous usage of regulated roaming services and, when the roamer exceeds fair use limits, a surcharge may be applied. To smooth the abolition of roaming surcharges, the council has provided a transitional period with significant reduction to roaming charges from April 30, 2016.


Some Mobile Operators are already preparing to seize this opportunity and offer an “inclusive pricing” model to subscribers for data usage, limiting the threat of roaming bill-shock, with the objective of usage uplift. “Mobileum’s EU Regulation enabler not only ensures compliance with EU regulations on roaming, but also helps CSPs to proactively offer a Roam-Like-at-Home tariff to roamers, with set limits that can be monitored and capped using the FUP (fair usage policy) feature to guard against service misuse,” according to V.V.R. Kishore, SVP of Roaming Business at Mobileum.

The RLAH enabler solution is an extension of Mobileum’s proven solution for compliance with EU Regulation III Single IMSI enabler, which has already been deployed by CSPs across the EU. Based on standard protocol interfaces, the RLAH enabler is easily incorporated within existing integration interfaces, ensuring ease of deployment. The policy rules within the RLAH enabler can measure actual roaming usage against allowances, subject to FUP limitations, for regulated traffic in real time and also send notifications to subscribers when they reach the allowance limits.

To learn more about Mobileum’s EU Regulation IV RLAH enabler solutions, visit Mobileum at booth # 6H41 at MWC-2106 in Barcelona from Feb 22-25.