Mitsubishi Motors and LexisNexis Risk Solutions Provide Driver Feedback Notifications and Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) Options through Road Assist+ App

LexisNexis Risk Solutions, a leading provider of data, analytics and technology for insurance, and Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA) today announced the availability of LexisNexis telematics solutions to Mitsubishi’s Road Assist+ smart phone app. The enriched app enables Mitsubishi drivers to enjoy the cost savings of usage-based insurance (UBI) without having to install telematics hardware devices in their vehicles or purchase a newer “connected car” model.

The Mitsubishi Road Assist+ is an enhancement to the existing app, which currently provides 24-hour emergency roadside assistance through a smart phone and will be the first hardware-free telematics solution to be integrated into an existing automaker’s companion app.

The app utilizes the LexisNexis telematics technology to collect driver behavior data and communicate feedback to drivers and participating insurance carriers through Mitsubishi’s Roadside Assistance service. The solution works with both connected and non-connected cars, making UBI available to any Mitsubishi driver whose vehicle is within the five-year warranty period.

“This program simplifies the collection of car data, while leveraging powerful data analytics. It enables OEMs to leverage existing customer touchpoints to grow and expand their telematics programs by enhancing or developing new products and services that can help promote safer driving habits,” said Pavan Mathew, Director of OEM Business Development, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “Solutions like Mitsubishi Road Assist+ can help save consumers money by lowering their insurance premiums and giving them a positive, engaging customer experience through new usage-based reward offers as well as value-added services throughout the lifecycle of vehicle ownership.”

“At Mitsubishi Motors, we continuously explore technologies that will give our customers more insight and peace of mind into their driving experience,” said Bryan Arnett, Senior Manager, Product Planning, MMNA. “The new Mitsubishi Road Assist+ app extends the benefits of UBI and other telematics-based services to both new customers and those who do not currently own a model with connected car features.”

The Mitsubishi Road Assist+ app delivers driving data to Mitsubishi drivers, who can opt in to make their data available to participating insurance carriers through the LexisNexis┬« Telematics Exchange, including State Auto Insurance Companies, which is the first insurer to be announced. The Telematics Exchange normalizes and scores telematics data from numerous sources including auto manufacturers, OBDII devices and 12-volt devices to more accurately determine an individual driver’s patterns of behavior and level of risk. Because the platform is device-agnostic, LexisNexis Risk Solutions can quickly develop UBI solutions for other auto OEMs, while insurance carriers can continue to grow their UBI programs regardless of changes in connected car technology. This enables OEMs and insurers to offer the same UBI program and score across many different data collection devices to fit various consumer preferences.

The Mitsubishi Road Assist+ is available this month for download from the Apple App Store with Android coming soon. For more information on Mitsubishi Motors, please visit

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