#MetaHash Announces Public Token Sale and Initiation of Forging Process

The main token sale event begins on 29th of June; the first token owners will be able to contribute to the growth of the network

ZUG, Switzerland –#MetaHash, an exchange network and decentralised application platform, announces the launch of its latest public token sale and earlier start of forging as an evolution of cryptocurrency mining.

This follows the recent debut of the #Metahash network, which proved a speed of more than 60,000 transactions per second, a record for a decentralised system.

In this sale, #MetaHash aims to allocate 920,000,000 #MetaHashCoin (#MHC), equivalent to 10 percent of its total token issue. Starting from 12:00 UTC on 29th of June, 2018, and continuing until the target is reached, interested parties can purchase #MHC for $0.0391 per token (transactions in ETH and BTC will be accepted at their respective exchange rates at the time of purchase).

The first token buyers will enjoy the attractive initial price which is two times less than at the next phase. Moreover, they may also get the maximum advantages of the early forging, the start of which is planned for August of 2018.

In comparison to mining, forging is based on different principles and offers a set of unique advantages for crypto enthusiasts including high accessibility and effectiveness even for smartphone-based forgers, low costs, no overheating or damage to the environment. There is also reward for the use of active tokens in verification and support of the network.

50% of all payments for forging are distributed among #MHC owners, while 40% are granted to node owners. The remaining 10% are used for rewarding the active users of the #MetaGate browser. Token holders can entrust their voting rights to their own nodes or may give their voting rights to the operator of a node they trust and get a share of the commission. In this way, large numbers of votes are concentrated at nodes that the community trusts, making attacks on the system more difficult.

Anton Agranovsky, co-founder of #MetaHash, commented: “This is an exciting moment for our project and we’ve been humbled by the amount of support our network has received, even in its early stages. The interest from funds around the world, along with the thousands of individuals who have tested the network since we opened it to the public, demonstrates an appetite in the market for this type of technology, as well as a belief that #MetaHash can successfully transform global transactions.”

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