MEDIA Protocol Expands Offerings of Crypto News Aggregator App CryptoCatnip, Allows Crypto Enthusiasts to Follow Announcements of Top Blockchain Projects

Digital content innovator MEDIA Protocol incorporates news updates from Bluzelle, Loki, Quadrant Protocol, SWIPE, CanYa, Cardstack, and COTI into CryptoCatnip feed, rewards users for engagement

MEDIA Protocol, a blockchain enterprise creating new economic models for digital content today announced enhancements to its news aggregation app, CryptoCatnip, that will further make the app a one-stop destination for a vast range of blockchain-related news.

These new features expand CryptoCatnip’s offerings beyond news about regulation, exchanges, and other hot-button cryptocurrency topics, the app will now feature announcements from some of crypto enthusiasts’ favorite projects. The first group of projects to be featured within the CryptoCatnip feed include Bluzelle, Loki, Quadrant Protocol, SWIPE, CanYa, Cardstack, and COTI with more to be added over the coming weeks.

CEO of MEDIA Protocol, James Tabor, said, “Following the success of the CryptoCatnip app thus far, we’re extremely excited to expand our offering and introduce supplementary news that aligns with our user’s interests. We strongly believe that MEDIA Protocol offers the new model for consuming content, allowing users to actively engage, and then be rewarded for doing so. As we continue to add more features, such as these updates from top token teams, CryptoCatnip users can experience a more holistic newsfeed that caters to the crypto content they enjoy.”

This new update provides an expansion of content and news within the CryptoCatnip application, which acts as a first-of-its-kind news aggregator that rewards users in the protocol’s native MEDIA tokens, in return for interactions such as liking, sharing, and reading blockchain-related content. These select token teams now incorporated into the app will have the functionality to update CryptoCatnip users about the latest company updates such as new hires, exchange listings, and partnerships.

Clifford Lim, CEO of SWIPE, said “CryptoCatnip has also managed to gain fast pace adoption from South East Asian users as there is an increase in demand for high quality Crypto News aggregation. Piloting a campaign with SWIPE, owners of Cepatswipe Indonesia’s leading mobile lockscreen engagement app, CryptoCatnip managed to acquire 2000 downloads in one day by leveraging on SWIPE mission. Together with SWIPE, who has a substantial influence in Indonesia with partners such as Alternative Media Group, the largest out-of-home media advertisers there, CryptoCatnip has a concrete strategy to grow their user base in this region.”

Mike Davie, CEO of Quadrant Protocol, said “Content consumption is a cornerstone of everyday life. But it’s disconcerting to see it has not evolved to keep pace with the rapidly changing and diverse tastes of consumers. With the constant barrage of information, there’s only so much time and bandwidth for consumers to sift through and consume what they need. This is especially true within the crypto and blockchain communities. With its CryptoCatnip app, MEDIA Protocol is solving this fundamental issue of providing the discerning consumer with the content they want.”

CryptoCatnip is the first application to implement the MEDIA Protocol and recently exceeded 5,000 users. The app is available for download on both the iOS and Google Play app stores. The news aggregator exclusively features cryptocurrency and blockchain content, and allows users to earn testnet MEDIA Tokens as they browse through the latest news.

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