Manage stress better with inpowr ™ – Montreal team develops a new way of measuring well-being

inpowr, the first auto-coaching app to rate and manage your well-being, is now available at the Apple Store and soon on Play Store (Android version).

The app’s advanced algorithm developed in Montreal brings a new approach to personal growth by allowing anyone to monitor their well-being. Designed to facilitate daily routines and practices that will lead to a more balanced life, the user is guided toward concrete steps that can be incorporated proactively into their lifestyle. By customizing simple everyday steps, and receiving prompts and feedback, each user designs their own tailor-made plan to manage the negative effects of stress and restore a state of well-being. In a nutshell, inpowr empowers anyone to become their own well-being coach.

These days, society and the workplace place an unparalleled level of pressure on people (financial, work-family balance, health problems). At the same time, the effects of stress are well known and easily recognizable: drop in energy, relationship problems, poor decision-making, fatigue, worry and anxiety. inpowr places a wellness coach right in the pocket.

Michel Chioini, co-founder and CEO of inpowr explains: “For 15 years we have been working on developing inpowr inspired by the principles and practices of Serge Jeudy, a recognized researcher and Master Olympic Coach. Over the years, more than 8,000 people have tested the theories and shown us that there is a real need for such a tool. In fact, the first results following the pre-launch of the application confirm what we’ve known all along.”


By measuring one’s physical, mental and social well-being, a person can identify imbalances that affect them. Through inpowr the user answers a series of questions to arrive at an accurate well-being score. Depending on the results, the user chooses which areas they wish to address and sets goals through small daily steps. A reassessment is done every 7 days in order to compare the results, and to measure results based on the steps taken to restore balance.

inpowr is available free to download in English and French. A range of subscription rates is offered, (monthly or annual).

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