There are basically two major types of loan secured and unsecured. In case of a secured loan you put an asset at stake, so the bank can seize that asset if you are unable to pay the loan. While an unsecured loan is completely based on your good credit rating in this case you don’t need a mortgage but the interest rate is higher as the risk is more. The bank provides more attractive interest rates on a secured loan, because if the borrower is fails to make loan payment they can sell of the assets. Both the loans have their pros and cons, the secured loan can lead to loss of a valuable asset in case you default on payment, while a defaulting on unsecured loan ruins your good credit rating.

What are bad credit unsecured loans?

Bad credit unsecured loans are for the people with very bad credit rating. The loan amount you get depends on how bad your credit rating is.

If you are able to pay premiums on time your credit rating improves. That will make your future possibility of getting a loan bright. You should be at least 18 to apply for such a loan and you should have the same job for 3 months. Applying for this loan not only solves your current problems but also improves your credit score if you repay on time.

You no longer need to put your house as collateral to get a loan

With the unsecured loans in market today you no longer need to put your house at risk. You might think that the interest rate on an unsecured loan is very high and there are hidden costs but that’s not true, the interest will of course be higher than a secured loan due to the risk involved, but it’s not too high. Also if the amount you have to loan is small unsecured loans are best option. You can easily get an unsecured loan if you have a good credit rating, the paper work involved is bare minimum, but if your credit score is bad it might be a little problem. If you have a bad credit score and you apply for an unsecured loan then you can improve your score my paying premiums in time. The easiest way of getting such a loan is the internet. Surf online to find different lenders then choose one that gives loan at low interest rate. This type of loan is best for people who don’t want to risk losing their property or who want to improve their credit score.

What to do if you miss your loan payments?

There can be times when financial crisis hits you and you are not able to make payments at time, what should you do if you miss a home loan payment?

The first task should be to inform the lender as soon as possible because the more time you take the more nervous the lender gets and your credit rating goes downhill as well.

When you contact the lender and explain the situation, they will be happy to help they will provide you with many options of how to pay your missed instalment, but these options are going to narrow down if you don’t inform within 60 days.

If your financial crisis is going to last long you can even as for refinancing that will lower the load on you. Everyone has a time when making a loan payment is difficult for them but you should follow the above steps to avoid foreclosure of your home.