List of Banks in Eritrea

Housing and Commercial Bank of Eritrea
Commercial Bank of Eritrea
Bank of Eritrea
Eritrean Investment and Development Bank

List of Banks in Ethiopia
National Bank of Ethiopia
Buusa Gonofa Microfinance
Bank of Abyssinia
Zemen Bank
Buna International Bank
Dynamic Microfinance
Construction and Business Bank
Addis Microfinance
Dashen Bank
Wassasa Microfinance
Lion International Bank
Nib International Bank
Oromia International Bank
United Bank (Ethiopia)
Wegagen Bank
Development Bank of Ethiopia
Amhara Microfinance
Tesfa Microfinance
Oromia Microfinance
Harar Microfinance
Specialized Financial Promotional Microfinance
Gasha Microfinance
Wisdom Microfinance
Dire Microfinance
AVFS Microfinance
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
PECE Microfinance
Meket Microfinance
Awash International Bank
Mekit Microfinance
Eshet Microfinance
Sidama Microfinance
Benishangul-Gumuz Microfinance
Harbu Microfinance
Metemamen Microfinance
Mekdela Microfinance
Shashemene Microfinance
Aggar Microfinance
Letta Microfinance
Dedebit Microfinance
Ghion Microfinance
Degaf Microfinance
Cooperative Bank of Oromia
Lefayeda Microfinance
Omo Microfinance
Gambella Microfinance
Berhan International Bank

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