LAC Group’s Business Division that delivers Library as a Service® to Law Firms and other Organizations

LibSource is the new name for the business unit that will market LAC Group’s core Library as a Service® platform and suite of services. LAC Group is a multinational conglomerate of several businesses involved in a variety of knowledge and information services for large enterprises.

LibSource conveys the concept of the modern library as a comprehensive resource for increasingly digital and diverse multimedia assets and other information. LibSource also recognizes the reference librarian as a key part of the solution, with the specialized expertise to help organizations find and manage the information they need to excel in today’s knowledge-driven economy.

“We believe that LibSource is the right name for the business that will market and grow our Library as a Service brand globally,” says Chief Operating Officer Rob Corrao. “LibSource encapsulates our virtual model, which delivers research and other reference services on-demand through our web-based Knowledge Services Portal, as well as our managed service model for organizations that want to keep their library or information center onsite and intact.”

LAC Group was founded in 1986 as Library Associates, a boutique librarian staffing agency for law firms. Today, LAC Group encompasses five businesses whose clients include major law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, federal government departments and agencies, media and entertainment concerns and universities.

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