Kx Systems, a subsidiary of First Derivatives plc (FD), announces that Citadel, a global investment firm, has expanded its use of Kx technology to help support its investment research process.

Kx’s time-series database kdb+ is widely used in the financial services industry for trading and risk management platforms. Its unique ability to optimize both in-memory and on-disk memory resources is one reason it sets industry records for speed, performance and stability when performing complex analytics on extremely large-scale datasets. These attributes are increasingly being recognized across a range of markets requiring fast analytics on Big Data, such as manufacturing and retail which face similarly demanding data challenges.

Citadel is at the forefront of using fundamental research, quantitative analysis, and deep market knowledge in its investment strategies. With kdb+ in their toolkit, Citadel’s investment teams have access to one of the fastest platforms for performing complex analytics on extremely large-scale streaming, real-time and historical market data. Kdb+’s simple distributed data model, language syntax and ease of use when working with large datasets means that Citadel’s research and development cycles can be rapidly accelerated.

Steven Lieblich, Citadel’s Chief Technology Officer said: “Kdb+ provides Citadel with a powerful tool to further enhance our research and analytical capabilities. We are now able to access and incorporate market intelligence into our investment process even faster.”

Mark Sykes, COO at Kx Systems said:

“Citadel is a forward-thinking, innovative, global investment powerhouse. The power of kdb+ will enhance Citadel’s ability to synthesize large data sets as part of its research process.”

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