KT Group Brings New Hope to Philippine Community

KT Corp. (KRX: 030200) (NYSE: KT) said today that its six subsidiaries have jointly built a media classroom and ICT infrastructure for a primary school in Dulag, a coastal town near Tacloban City in the central Philippines.

Korea’s largest telecommunications company said that the participating companies – BC Card, KT Skylife, KT Estate, KT Sat, KTDS, and the KT Hope Sharing Foundation – rebuilt the media classroom at San Jose Central School in a weeklong project beginning on May 28.

The classroom was lost in a fire that destroyed all 13 buildings of San Jose Central School last October. The school has 782 students in 20 classes from kindergarten to sixth grade and has faced extreme difficulties in maintaining daily operations since the fire, which is believed have been caused by a short circuit in a computer classroom.

The coastal town of Dulag, where the school is located, is some 32 kilometers from Tacloban, the provincial capital of Leyte. South Korea dispatched army troops to support reconstruction after the region was devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

BC Card sent “Red Food Trucks” to feed Korean troops. The troops returned to South Korea in 2014 after completing a year-long mission, but the company has continued to provide free meals and nutrition education to local residents.

The KT subsidiaries contributed their respective capabilities and expertise to build the new media classroom and install the latest ICT technology for the students and their community.

KTDS conducted a computer class and a virtual reality experience session; KT Estate improved the classroom environment with exterior remodeling and mural painting; KT Skylife donated a UHD TV set and children’s broadcast content to support audiovisual education; KT Sat installed a set-top box in cooperation with Cignal TV, the top satellite broadcaster in the Philippines, for satellite broadcasts of educational content; and BC Card provided warm meals to residents from its red food trucks.

The KT Hope Sharing Foundation is currently operating “Givesquare,” a CSV (Creating Shared Value) platform, for the general public as well as KT employees to participate in various social service campaigns. A campaign to donate personal computers to San Jose Central School is now under way. The foundation will continue to provide online support for the Dulag regional community.

The service in Dulag is KT’s second overseas social service project. In February 2017, under its “Giga Story” initiative to help improve living conditions on remote islands and in mountainous regions, the company’s overseas service team visited Moheshkali Island in Bangladesh to offer VR/AR education for local students and paint murals at community centers.