KB Pension Company (KB Penzijní společnost) a.s. is one of the largest and most stable pension companies on the Czech market. It manages for its clients nine individual funds that offer a broad range of investment profiles for its clients. On top of that, the Company provides its clients with various investment strategies corresponding to client’s profile, preference and age category.

The KB Pension Company adapted successfully to profound pension reform in 2012, which represented the most important change since the start of pension savings system in the Czech Republic in 1994. Since 2013 the KB Pension Company has increased significantly its market share and at the same time it was one of only two pension companies, who were able to generate profit in 2013 – the first challenging year after the reform. The profit was retained in the company and together with additional capital increase of 220M CZK in mid 2014 it helped to further reinforce KB PS strong capital position and to support future growth.

The sole shareholder of KB Pension Company is Komerční banka, a.s., member of Société Générale Group. Financial strength and stability of its shareholder, significant market share and 20 years of experience operating on the supplementary pension insurance market guarantee secure savings for old age to a broad group of the Czech Republic‘s residents.

KBPS bannerKB Pension Company started to operate as KB Pension Fund in 1994. It was one of the first companies of its kind in the market and it quickly established itself as a strong and trustworthy partner of good part of the Czech population for long term pension savings. Over the last twenty years, the KB Pension Company was able to successfully protect value of its clients’ savings during the turbulent years of political and economic transformation of the whole society.

Currently KB Penzijní společnost operates in both pillars of private pension savings in the Czech Republic. By doing so, the KB Pension Company provides a complete range of long-term pension savings products supported by professional advisory. It offers four retirement funds in the second pillar and four participation funds in the third pillar. It also manages the Transformed Fund, which consists of pension savings collected and managed until 2013. The savings in the Transformed Fund benefit from non-negative performance guarantee for clients. The offer for clients is made comprehensive by including the possibility to choose from among a variety of savings strategies depending on the individual’s investment profile and age.

KB PS offers its products and serves its existing clients through an extensive branch network of Komerční banka and Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna, as well as by way of external sales networks provided by business partners all across the Czech Republic. Clients can conclude contracts for retirement savings and supplementary pension savings, execute changes in their contracts, and obtain information at all of these points of contact. All intermediaries of KB Pension Company are trained and poses certificate issued by respective authority. Of course, reliable electronic access of clients to their accounts is a standard for the company.

The Fund’s very good results were recognised even internationally. For the fourth time in a row, KB Penzijní společnost was named the best pension fund in the Czech Republic by the British Global Banking & Finance Review financial portal, one of the most-visited online international banking and finance magazines. For the third time, an international panel of experts organised by the prestigious World Finance magazine named KB PS Pension Fund of the Year 2013 in the Czech Republic.

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