Just Mortgages self-employed division set to double in a year

Just Mortgages self-employed division has increased by 73% since December, and by the end of the year, will have doubled in size.

Launched in June 2016 with just three brokers, the self-employed division offers mortgage advisers a way to go it alone while still retaining the help and support an employer provides.

The model has proved so popular, that the division now has 140 brokers, will have a further 10 by the end of September, and 180 by the end of the year, as Carl Parker, head of the self-employed division explains.

“In October 2017, the division had 54, so will have increased by almost 100 in a year, and will be close to 180 by December, which is more than double the 81 brokers we had in December 2017.

“We also have a new DSD, Jason Whiteley starting with us in October and will have two further DSDs starting in January.

Carl Parker
Carl Parker

Carl says he is finding that brokers – especially those feeling under pressure in corporate roles – are increasingly looking to go self-employed, but are worried about giving up the support they get from being employed.

“We have found we are seeing an increased level of advisers contacting us from corporates, both Estate Agency and banks, about moving across. The uncertainty in the market has led to more micro management in the corporate world, which brokers don’t like.

“So many want to go it alone, but are worried about making that step. So our self-employed division is perfect because it offers the best of both worlds; the brokers are completely self-employed, but they each have a dedicated sales manager to help and support them.”

The support brokers receive includes help with making a business plan, ensuring they are FCA compliant, encouraging them to become a part of their local communities and helping them find introducers.

Carl continues: “They know they will be able to earn more and work fewer hours by going self-employed, so it is no surprise so many are making that move.

“Unlike other networks with self-employed arms, we do not charge a monthly fee,” continued Carl, “it is therefore in everyone’s best interest for the brokers to be successful.”

Anybody interested in becoming a mortgage broker with Just Mortgages or Just Mortgages self-employed division can contact [email protected] or their regional sales director:

North – Ashley Edwards [email protected]

Midlands – Ben Allkins [email protected]

London and Home Counties – Stuart Mitchell [email protected]

South and East – Rob Perrin [email protected]

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