Judopay joins the Emerging Payments Associationas Benefactor for Project Retail

Mobile payments provider Judopay, joins the Emerging Payments Association’s Project Retail to encourage retailers to gain access to PayTech innovations that will improve their customers’ experiences and profitability.

The Emerging Payments Association (EPA) gained a new Benefactor, Judopay, for Project Retail, one of its eight projects to connect the payments eco-system, encourage innovation and drive change.

Project Retail enables retailers to better navigate the payments innovation space in order to keep pace with customer expectations, accelerate adoption of payments innovation and drive business growth. Since its inception, the project has been an invaluable source of guidance, content, and opportunity for retailers through the delivery of a quarterly event – known as the ‘Retail PayTech Forum’. This is a community exclusively made up of UK retailers from different retail sectors, who see payments as a source of value-adding solutions to their commercial and technology problems, rather than an inhibitor to progress or an inconvenient cost.

EPA Director General, Tony Craddock said, “Retailers are a crucial part of the payments ecosystem. And as payments is changing and evolving, retailers must follow suit. I am delighted to see Judopay becoming Benefactor of Project Retail, which is helping retailers keep abreast with the payment industry’s innovations and changes.”

Ryan Farley, CEO of Judopay, said, “Judopay is excited to be a Benefactor and the chance to engage and partner with top retailers that are looking to create great customer experiences digitally.  In addition, seeing Judopay as a Benefactor next to other Benefactors of the EPA like payment leaders Visa and Mastercard is humbling and an honour.”

For further details on Project Retail, follow this link: https://emergingpayments.org/portfolio/project-retail/

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