Improves small businesses’ cash flow by offering more ways for their customers to pay

Intuit QuickBooks, the global leader of online accounting software, has introduced QuickBooks Payments, a new platform within QuickBooks Online that enables small businesses to get paid faster.

QuickBooks Payments was designed to help improve cash flow – one of the biggest concerns for a small business. It allows users to easily email customised invoices and include a ‘Pay Now’ button – as soon as the work has been completed. The ‘Pay Now’ button lets customers pay online through card payment directly within the invoice. This introduces yet another way for SMBs to be paid, reducing the time spent chasing outstanding invoices and providing customers with a quick and easy way to pay immediately, online.

Since QuickBooks Payments is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online, the business’ accounts are updated automatically as soon as an invoice has been paid, reducing the hassle of manual data entry and reconciliation.

“Managing cash flow is vital to the success of any small business, yet many are still using traditional paper invoicing methods, which are time consuming and rely on SMBs to reconcile the payment manually once received,” said Rich Preece, UK VP and Managing Director at Intuit. “By streamlining the payments process with QuickBooks Payments, we’re helping SMBs get paid much faster and providing them and their customers a more secure method of payment.”

Jim Campbell, owner of Celebration Balloons believes: “Offering more ways to pay is good for both us and our customers. It’s brilliant to have a solution where customers can pay at their convenience, without our involvement. The fact QuickBooks Payments keeps everything up-to-date automatically is extremely helpful and will save us time and money.”

In addition to paying through an invoice, QuickBooks Payments also allows customers to pay small businesses over the phone. These are the first of numerous features to be included in the QuickBooks Payments platform to be rolled out in the future.

“We’re focused on building an ecosystem of integrated tools and services that help our customers spend more time doing what they love, rather than doing the accounts,” said Preece. “Payments is the latest area where we’re consistently innovating to make their lives easier and improve how they run their business.”

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