These days businesses know they need a good digital marketing strategy if they want to see sustainable growth, however there are also a great many sharks out there looking to feed on them. One expert warns against online scammers posing as marketing experts.

Businesses know employing a digital marketing strategy is essential in opening new opportunities and increasing sales, but have little idea about how to get real results. Ben Hunt, director of New Media Digital Marketing has warned business owners that “Many scammers are online looking to take advantage of the lack of insight many people have regarding online advertising, and offering them get-rich-quick strategies as a means of getting them to part with their cash.”

INTERNET SCAMMERS LOOKING TO CASH IN ON GET RICH QUICK MARKETING 1Ecommerce in the UK generated an estimated £38.8billion last year and a growth of 16% is predicted for 2014. With email marketing garnering an estimated £40 return on every £1 invested, it’s no surprise businesses are starting to take note of the importance of a decent digital marketing strategy. Mr Hunt said, “the problem businesses are facing are these scammers who focus entirely on keyword optimisation and website redesign. Digital marketers should be holistic. Good digital marketers start with understanding the business itself by offering a consultation. Don’t misinterpret me: Your website should be search-friendly and attractive but there are many other aspects to driving a successful digital strategy.”

With over fifteen years of experience in marketing, New Media Digital Marketing was created to steer marketing strategy to a brand new style of success.  With a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals who have collectively worked in the industry for more than 15 years across a wide range of media platforms; the company prides itself on understanding the past, present and future of successful marketing campaigns and how elements from each can be combined to provide the best possible marketing strategy for businesses on an individual basis.  Offering a comprehensive range of solutions integrated as a whole, New Media Digital Marketing live up to their name as a new approach to media and marketing.

Available for a limited number of interviews, Mr. Hunt said, “Digital marketing is increasingly data-driven; eCommerce and more importantly mCommerce; can be tracked, quantified and measured. We ensure every step of our digital marketing plan is integrated to the next one. We focus on modernising all aspects of the business’ online presence and generating meaningful leads, whilst retaining the integrity of the original goals and ethos of the business. “

Ben Hunt is down to earth, fun and fast-paced , whilst being easy to communicate with, since he abhors the usual corporate jargon. He said, “scammers essentially try to bamboozle people using inaccessible language and hyperbole. This goes against everything New Media Digital Marketing was created for.”

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