Inside of a Virtual Wallet

Unlike our typical bank accounts, a virtual Wallet makes it easier for us to access our bank from wherever and whenever we want. The virtual wallet gives us access to three different types of account used on Primary, secondary and long-term basis; Spend, Reserve and Growth.

The spend account manages all our spending while the reserve regulates our short-term savings and keeps a check on our habit of overspending. The third and last account focuses on growing our money to the larger extent and hence is a long-term savings account.

The three-in-one account facility lets the user organize as well as manage their funds. With the introduction of Virtual wallet, User can now avail several free services like free account transfers and Free PNC ATM services.

Spend Account: This account requires a minimum deposit of $25.00 and keeps a track of each spending we make. Through the online process, this account can also be opened at the cost of $0 too. $7 is charged as a service fee on monthly basis but with the maintenance of a combination of $500 in both Spend and Growth account this fee can be wavered.

Reserve and Growth Account: With $0 both of these accounts can be managed to keep control of our spend-fairy as both the accounts keep track of our reserved money.  With Growth account, a user can earn interest on their saving, hence working typically like a bank.

Savings through the Virtual wallet

For the days when the universe conspires against you and nothing goes right; you spill on your favourite dress and you missed your flight so now you will have to buy a new ticket along with emergency charges which lead to your current bankruptcy. Well, with Virtual Wallet keeping a track of your expenses and the expenses which you haven’t foreseen yet has become easier. Virtual Wallet gives their user a visual representation of their expenses and saving along with the amount they have reserved.

There are two ways to save your money, One by punching the Pig (literally, though the digital one) and other by avoiding extra fees and charges.

The Wishlist

Who doesn’t want a genie in their life?  But this genie is different from the Aladdin had. Here you earn and save for your own wishlist. Add items to this list and Voila! Next thing you know is Virtual Wallet keeping track of close you are to buying it with your savings. From simple product like a cell phone to big dream of owning a car, all can be added to wishlist.  A complete tally of a bought item is a convenient delivery of information also it’s a reality check for the unnecessary expenditure.

Virtual wallets are boon to the society. With the roads stuffed with traffic anything that could save you a run to the bank is working in favour.  It has made life hassle free and banking paper free. Several other features of Virtual Wallet like Payday, Bill payment and even threat alert has the satisfactory effect on its customers.