Global Blockchain start-up commits £10 million investment to UK presence 

Ink Labs Foundation, a Blockchain start-up that is building a revolutionary global IP exchange for the creative industries, has announced the opening of its London-based global hub backed up by at least £10 million of investment in its UK presence.

Led by Ink co-founder and Blockchain pioneer Ismail Malik, the UK office will lead business management, marketing and investment operations on a global basis, supported by Ink’s world class development teams based in China and Russia.

Backed by their recent successful £66 million ICO, Ink is aiming to revolutionise the economy of the creative industries with its Blockchain-powered IP exchange.  The Ink platform will create a secure marketplace where creators and investors can list, identify and fund creative projects.  By introducing Blockchain to the creative industries funding process, Ink’s platform will give creators earlier and more effective, secure access to funding from investors and, through a series of interconnected, regionalised IP exchanges, will create a truly global marketplace for creative projects. 

The new London hub will work alongside Ink’s regional offices across Russia, China, Singapore and US, to help roll out the platform to markets globally in Q1 2018.

Ismail Malik, co-founder of Ink, said: “London is the logical place for our global hub, it is a centre for financial technology, investment and the creative industries – three markets which Ink is aiming to bring together with its ground-breaking IP exchange platform.

“Investment in the creative industries has traditionally been opaque, inefficient and strongly biased against creators.  We want to rebalance this marketplace by creating a transparent, trusted and secure platform through which creators can tokenise their creative assets, secure investment and better monetise their work.

“Following our hugely successful ICO we now have the resources in place to roll out our platform on a global basis and London will be at the forefront of this deployment, helping creators and creative industry investors to leverage the power of Blockchain for the first time.”

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